French Revolution Timeline

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  • Period: to

    Dawn of the French Revolution

    France had a system called the Ancient Regime which consisted of the three main Estates and according to their position in the social pyramid they would pay fewer or excessive taxes from their income. After, the king had spend all of France's money the citizens decide to make changes in government.
  • Estates General

    Representatives from all three Estates joined together in a meeting at Versailles due to the fact France was bankrupt.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The third Estates members are outvoted by the first and second Estates during the Estates-General. Then, these decide to make a pledge inside a tennis court to become a National Assembly and continue meeting until a new constitution was created.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Armed citizens storm to Bastille, a large prison in Paris and attack several guards including the prison commander. Then, French citizens paraded aorund the streets with dead men's heads on pikes.
  • Abolish Feudal System

    Members of the first and second Estates joined the National Assembly and feudalism is ended making the third Estate with the other two equal and commonders. Also, the Ancient Regime is over.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

    The National Assembly created a document and declared "men are born and remain free and equal rights," also this document guranteed citizens justice, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
  • Bread Riots

    Many angry woman rioted over the rising price of bread and marched over to Versailles and demanded for King Louis XVI and Marie Antoniette to return to Paris.
  • Period: to

    Assembly Reforms France

  • Royal Family Tries to Escape

    Some of Louis advisers warned him he was in danger and in June the royal family emigre from France to the Austrian Netherlands.
  • Create New Constitution

    The National Assembly create a new constitution in which the king had many restrictions towards his use of power. Also, the National Assembly created a Legaslative Assembly who had the power to create laws and approve or reject declarations of war.
  • Legislative Assembly Declare War Against Austria & Prussia

    Austria and Prussia weren't satisfied with the new radical changes in goverment and wanted Louis to return to his post as an absolute monarch again. In response, the Legislative Assebly declare war.
  • Storming of Tuileries Palace

    About 20,000 men and woman invaded Tuileries, the palace where the royal family was staying, massacred guards, and imprisoned King Louis, Marie Antoinette, and their children.
  • Jacobin Club Take Over

    Many decisions and changes in the goverment during Septmenber 1789 were controlled by the Jacobins Club. On of the members, Jean-Paul Marat, called for the death of all those who continued to support the king.
  • Abolish Louis as King

    The National Convention abolish monarchy thus making Louis XVI reduce his role as king and become a common citizen and prisoner because under the rule of Jacobins he was summoned on trial for treason. The Convention found him guilty and sentenced him to death.
  • King is Executed

    After lossing the trial the king was sentences to death and on January 21, he is beheaded by a machine called the guillotine.
  • Republic of Virtue

    Maximilien Robespierre build "republic of virtue" by wipping out every trace of France's past and sent 300,000 army members to war against Bristian and Holland.
  • Reign of Terrer

    This was a time period when Maximilien Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizen were executed.
  • Robespierre is Executed

    Members of the National Convention turned on Robespierre for his terror on France and demanded to arrest and execute him. Later, Rubespierre was beheaded on July 28, 1792.
  • Period: to

    Third Constitution is Created

    During this year the National Assembly create a third and final Constitution. In this new Constitution they make a moderete government called Directory.