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French revolution timeline

By chris29
  • estates general meeting

    estates general meeting
    king called a meeting to dicuss the financial trouble the country was in. all three estates attened each estate got one vote.the third estate was afraid the other two estes would gange up on them and never reached an agreement. so the third estate created the national assembly
  • Period: to

    national assembly

    the third estat was only allowed one vote in the estates general meeting even though they had more than twice the number of people the other estates had so they began meeting by them selves
  • the storming of bastille

    the storming of bastille
    the people of france made at the king for the debt crisis created a mob and attacked the fortress bastille taking it over. this was the beging of the french revolution
  • declaration of the rights of man

    declaration of the rights of man
    the french declaration containing the principles that started the french revolution. it gave right and more power to all the the estates
  • Period: to

    creation of the national convention

    it was created to make new constitional rights after the overthrow of the monarchy. it held executive power
  • execution of the king

    execution of the king
    the king was captured and thrown in jail with the queen and his kid .he was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death along with his family. they were all killed by guiellitine ending the monarchy
  • Period: to

    reign of terror

    started after the death king. the new government exicuted thousands of people to keep the revolution going.the exicuted people who were thought to be enimies of the revolution to scare them not to go against it.
  • coup d'atat

    coup d'atat
    it was the overthrow of the French directory by Napoleon Bonaparte. he took over creating the empire of france and replace the government wih the french consulate.