French Revolution and The Count of Monte Cristo

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    The French Revolution and The Count of Monte Cristo

  • The Begining of the French Revolution

    The Begining of the French Revolution
    The French Revolution began in 1789 with the meeting of the States General in May.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    The Bastille was stormed.
  • Removal from Versailles

    Removal from Versailles
    Louis XVI and the Royal Family were removed from Versailles to Paris.
  • Toward the Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    Toward the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
    To no small extent, the Assembly addressed the financial crisis by having the nation take over the property of the Church (while taking on the Church's expenses), through the law of December 2, 1789. In order to rapidly monetize such an enormous amount of property, the government introduced a new paper currency, assignats, backed by the confiscated church lands.
  • Turmoil in the Military

    Turmoil in the Military
    The army faced considerable internal turmoil: in Nancy, in August 1790, three regiments, those of Châteauvieux, Maître-de-camp, and the King's own regiment, rebelled against their chiefs. General Bouillé successfully put down the rebellion, which added to his reputation for counter-revolutionary sympathies.
  • Unsuccessful Flee from Paris

    Unsuccessful Flee from Paris
    The King attempted, unsuccessfully, to flee Paris for Varennes in June 1791.
  • King's Trial

    King's Trial
    The King was brought to trial in December of 1792.
  • War with Britian

    War with Britian
    In January of 1793 the revolutionary government declared war on Britain, a war for world dominion which had been carried on, with short intermissions, since the beginning of the reign of William and Mary, and which would continue for another twenty-two years.
  • King's Execution

    King's Execution
    The King was executed on January 21, 1793.
  • Napoleon's Rise to Power

    Napoleon's Rise to Power
    Napoleon Buonaparte became Emperor in May of 1804.
  • Arrival

    Dantes arrived at Marseilles on the Pharaoh.
  • Imprisoned

    Dantes was imprisoned by Villefort.
  • Betrothal Feast

    Dantes was arrested to be judged by prosecutor Villefort.
  • Escape

    Dantes escaped prison.
  • Jacopo

    Dantes was saved by Jacopo, a smuggler ship captain, when he was trapped on the Isle of Tiboulen.
  • Treasure of Abbe Faria

    Dantes discovered the treasure in a hidden cave o the Isle of Monte Cristo.
  • Count's Arrival

    The Count of Monte Cristo arrives at Paris.
  • Mercedes' Wish

    Mercedes begs the Count to spare her son's life. She also tells Albert about what Fernand did to the Count.
  • Albert's Appology

    Albert appologizes to the Count and withdraws from the duel.
  • Fernand's Downfall

    Fernand was dishonored, had his family leave him, and committed suicide.
  • Villefort's Downfall

    Villefort is dishonored and goes mad.
  • Danglars' Loss

    Danglars loses five million francs.