French Revolution

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    French Revoultion

    The French Revoultion a timespan of when the people of France struggled with debt and a unjust ruler.They rose up a took the King Louis XVI out of power, but was that a just action. I dont and do think so because it got rid of an oppressive leader, but gave them a new oppresive leader.
  • Revillon Roits

    Revillon Roits
    Roits in Paris because of low wages and short food supplies ending in 25 deaths by troops
  • The Estates-General meeting

    This date was when the Estates-General, a group of represenatives from every social class, met since 1614. They disscused the problems that France was dealing with, because of the King.
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    When the Third Estate or the peasents decide to break away from the first and second estates. They also had the tennis court oath, were they stated to not stop fighting until a new goverment was in order.
  • Storming the Bastille

    When the peasents attacked a military prison to raid for weapons and free political prisoners. There were only about 4 prisoners and they killed a mass number of gaurds.
  • The Great Fear

    The Great Fear
    This was whenn the people were scared of the Great Fear. A time of peasent roits and revolts against the goverment. It was a very very bloodly time were many people were killed on the streets daily by firing sqauds. Aristocrats fled Paris and tried to escape the chaos.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    This was when the National Assembly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Which is a list of rights/ new consitusion which gave men rights but not women or colored people.
  • Women's March on Versailles

    When the women of Paris stormed the Palace of Versallie. They do this because the women thought they were hording food in the palace. This was a just act of indepenace and freedom and showing the men that women have power too.
  • Order to the Church

    The National Assembly trys to give order to the unjest church. They make they to take vows and religious orders.
  • National Assembely takes action

    The National Assembly abloishes the second estate so all the bourgeois have to chose what to do.
  • Flight to Varennes

    When Louis XVI and this family tried to escape Paris, but failed and forced into their Palace. They were put under house arrest.
  • Champ de Mars Masscare

    A Anti-Royalist demonstration was unway at Champ de Mars. The National Gaurd shot and killed 50 people and the country was in outrage.
  • Welcome Back

    All the émigrés (immigrants) were forced to return back to Paris by order of the National Assembly.
  • Riots

    Riots trough out january because of food shortage
  • Alliance

    France gianed alliance with Prussia and Austria which helps them later.
  • Guillotine

    The Guillotine was adpoted as a humaine way of killing another human.
  • War

    France declares war on Austria
  • Finally...

    King Louis XVI is finally taken into custody. He waits trial.
  • Impeached

    Queen Marie Antoinette is impeached from office because of treachary. Shows the just conquences for a unjust ruler.
  • King Louis XVI

    King Louis XVI
    King Louis XVI is traied and excuted by gulliotine. The next day Queen Marie Antoinette is excuted without a proper trail.
  • People die

    Alot of random politicians and preist get gulliotined for an assorment of reasons.
  • Defeat of the Austria

    Defeat of the Austria
    The French force a defeat of the Austrians at the Battle of Fleurus.
  • Thermidorian Reaction

    End of the Reign of Terror and was known as a Thermidorian Reaction. That means that the Freanch quickly did another task.
  • National Convention

    The National Convention is dissolved and a bit of order is lost
  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    This was when Napoleon Bonaparte gets married to Joséphine de Beauharnais and gain some power in the military ranks.
  • Napoleon in Italy

    Napoleon takes over Italy in the battle of Lodi
  • Treaty of Campo Formio

    Treaty of Campo Formio was signed and peace came to Italy after being at war with France.
  • Battle of the Pyramids

    Napoleon takes over Egypt in the battle of the Pyramids
  • Napoleon is back

    Napoleon is back
    Napoleon comes back to France after this conquest in Egypt.
  • Napoleon is Dictator for life

    Napoleon is Dictator for life
    Napoloen is appointed leadership over France under the Consulate. This is when the French Revoultion considered to be over.