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  • Diamond necklace Affair

    Scandal around Marie Antoinette​ greatly affecting her popularity
  • Calonne's tries to push ambitious fiscal reforms

  • Poor Harvest

  • Period: to

    Nobles Revolt

    Huge revolt of first the Parliament of Paris but then the regional too
  • Poor Harvest

  • French Monarchy declares itself in bankruptcy

  • Parliament of Paris rules on voting for Estates-General

  • King agrees to double number of Third Estate

  • More than 50k offices in circulation

    French royal bonds
  • Abbé Sieyès publishes "What is the Third Estate"

    30000 copies in 4 weeks
  • Opening Estates-General

  • Creation of National Assembly

    Motivated by Sieyès
  • Tennis hall Oath

  • King announces substantial reforms

    Promise to call regularly estates general
    Abolishes tax on land and labor tax and eliminates the "lettres de cachet"
    Voting system of the Estates-General​ is now per head
  • King forces two others estates to Join the third

  • National Assembly becomes Constituent

  • Necker sacked

  • Bastille day

  • King Louis visits Paris

    Accepts wearing a three-color​ emblem
  • Period: to

    Great Fear

  • Abolition of feudalism

  • Declaration of the Rights of man and of the Citizen

  • Marat founds "The friend of the People"

  • Election of the Legislative Assembly

  • Clergy property becomes state's

    Motion pushed by Talleyrand
  • Women's March on Versailles

    Ends on 6th of October with the Return of the King to Paris
  • Abolition of Religious Orders

  • Declares peace to the world

  • Civil constitution of the French Clergy

  • "Fête de la fédération"

  • Pope condemns Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    Quod aliquantum
  • Le Chapelier Law

  • King Louis Caught in Varennes

  • Champ de Mars Massacre

  • Rebellion of the 'Maroon Negroes'

  • Declaration of Pillnitz

  • French Constitution accepted

  • Olympes de Gouges publishes "The right of Women"

  • Mary Wollstonecraft publishes "Vindication of the Rights of Women"

  • France Declares war on Austria

  • Period: to

    First Coalition

  • Crowd storms into the Tuileries

  • "La Patrie est en danger"

  • Brunswick Manifesto

  • Delegation from the City of Paris asks for the king to be deposed

  • Fall of Monarchy

    Crowd storms into Tuileries​ and King escapes for Assembly = 600 Swiss Guards and servants killed after they had surrendered
  • Period: to

    Commune insurrectionnelle de Paris

  • Début insurrection en Vendée

  • Prussian Armies entered France and captured Verdun

  • Period: to

    September Massacres

    1200 people killed without any form of Justice
  • Battle of Valmy

    Goethe is amazed by the fact common people defeated professional soldiers because they loved what they were fighting for
  • Election of the Convention

  • First Republic Proclaimed

  • Creation of the Committee of General Security

  • "Fraternity and assistance to all people who want to recover their liberties"

  • Period: to

    King Louis Trial

  • Abolition of Feudalism in occupied territories

  • 5000 clubs politiques en France

  • King Louis' death

  • Creation of the Revolutionary Tribunal

  • Law about immediate trial without Jury

  • Law of Maximum

  • Creation of Committee of Public Safety

  • Santhonax Decree in Saint Domingue

  • Marat's Assassination

  • Mass conscription

    from 25 to 35
  • Beginning of the Terror

  • Law of Suspects

  • Law of General Maximum

  • Decide to create a new republican Calendar

  • Lyon fell to Jacobins

    After being controlled by Girondins
  • Marie Antoinette beheaded

  • Danton Killed

  • Festival of the Supreme Being

  • Loi of Prairial

  • Victory at Fleurus

  • Fall of Robespierre

  • Bale Treaty with Prussia

  • Royalist insurrection in Paris

    Crushed by Bonaparte
  • Creation of the Directory

  • Period: to

    1st Campaign of Italy

  • Babeuf arrested

    For trying to overthrow the regime
  • Coup of 18 Fructidor by 3 Directors

    Against Royalist Majority and 2 Directors
  • Treaty of Campo Fiomo

  • Jourdan Law on Conscription

  • Period: to

    Second Coalition

  • 18th Brumaire Napoleon to power