French Revolutin

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    French Revolution

    The revolution end with Napolean losing the battle in Waterloo
  • Assault on Bastille

    Assault on Bastille
    The estates grew tired of the taxation from the king and stormed Bastille. This caused the revolution to start. Important event due to the effects this caused.
  • King Louis XVI Beheading

    King Louis XVI Beheading
    The people of France got fed up with the way the king was operating the country and overthrew him. The killed the king by beheading him. I feel this is an important event because the beheading showed that the people were tired of how the monarchy was operating.
  • Thermidorian Reaction

    Thermidorian Reaction
    The French people revolted from the Reign of terror. Covention members deposed and executed Robespierre and other leading members of the Committee of Public Safety. This is an important event because the people of France felt the committee wasn't doing what they were suppose to.
  • Napolean Declares Dictatorship

    Napolean Declares Dictatorship
    Napolean installed a Consulate and effectively made him dictator, proclaimed him emperor, and led to the end of the French Revolution. This is an important even because it brought an end to the French people revolting and France had a new leader.