French Nationalism - Joe & Mark

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    French Revolution

  • Storming the Bastille

    Storming the Bastille
    The storming of the Bastille was very important to French nationalism, because it allowed them to finally realize they could stand up to their government, and change things. It essentially is the beginning of the French Revolution.
  • France Declares War on Austria

    France Declares War on Austria
    Many nobles fled to Austria and Prussia. Citizens of France fear that they might band up and gain support to stop the revolution. The only suitable action is to launch an attack before the enemy.
  • Louis XVI Executed

    Louis XVI Executed
    Louis XVI's death was a very important moment for French nationalism, because it was a symbol for the beginning of the end for the French Monarchy. It showed that the people would no longer put up with the harsh ways of life in France.
  • Maximilien Robespierre is Executed

    Maximilien Robespierre is Executed
    Maximillien's execution was by far, one of the most iconic events. All though at one point, Robespierre had very positive public support, he got power hungry, and even the incorruptable became corrupt. It showed that the people's word still ruled, and no one was immune.
  • Battle of the Bridge of Arcole

    Battle of the Bridge of Arcole
    This battle and victory was Napoleons greatest initial asset. It set the French people to be in love with him, and it would make him glorious. His war tactics were unrivaled, and he looked good for the French Empire.
  • Napoleon Becomes Emperor

    Napoleon Becomes Emperor
    Napoleon becoming Emperor of France contributed greatly to French nationalism, because although it was still being led by a single man, the people wanted this man, supported this man, and liked this man. It was a great change from the more traditional monarch ties.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    The Battle of Waterloo was an extremely defining moment for French nationalism. It showed the final downfall of Napoleon, and it revealed to the people that he was no longer fit to lead a nation. The people were outraged with the loss of life, and they no longer wanted Napoleon.