French English Relations

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    French English Relations

  • Quiet Revolution

    Quiet Revolution
    Liberal Leader Jean Lesage won the Premier of Quebec in June 1960. Modernized Quebec through reducing the power of the church. Some highlights of the revolution: laws passed to protect the French language, more technical education and expanded hydroelectric usage
  • Royal Comission on Bilingualism

    Royal Comission on Bilingualism
    Created by Lester B. Pearson to analyze the relationship between the French and English canadians. Held public surveys to gather information.
  • Founding of FLQ

    Founding of FLQ
    FLQ used scare tactics such bombing mail boxes (federal governement, english owned companies) to have Quebec seperate
  • Charles De Gaulle visits Canada

    Charles De Gaulle visits Canada
    French President Charles De Gaulle visit Canada addresses crowd saying "vive le Quebec libre!" -long live FREE Quebec
  • Languages Act

    Languages Act
    This act officially made Canada Bilingual, now all documents must be printed in both languages, along with federal courts and public service offices. Western people thought it was unfair since Canada is host to so many other ethnicities. While many French Canadians believed the only way to preserve the language was to make it Canada's only language.
  • October Crisis

    October Crisis
    Caused by the FLQ Kidnapped two people, sending ransom notes, the demands were not met and Pierre Laporte was killed, and the war measure act was envoked.
  • Bill 101

    Bill 101
    Law in Quebc given Royal Assent August 26 1977, making French the only official of Quebec. Making it the"normal everyday laguage of work, instruction, comminication and business".
  • 1980 Referendum

    1980 Referendum
    First referendum, about Quebec seperating should Quebec and Canada break there political ties. Federalists for staying together and sovereignists were for seperation. Yes 40.44% and 59.56% for No.
  • Consitutional Debate

    Consitutional Debate
    Made Canada able to amend the consitution with no role for the parliment of the United Kingdom to play.
  • Meech Lake Accord

    Meech Lake Accord
    Prime Minister Brian Mulroneys attempt to revise the constitution to satisfy Quebec and have them sign. the government proposed to decentralize the federal government and give the provinces more power. the native population was against the accord causing it to fail.
  • Founding of the Bloc and PQ

    Founding of the Bloc and PQ
    Bloc - founded by 7 individual MP's, huge sucess 2nd largest amount seats winning 54 out of 75 seats. Parti Quebecois Rene Lesuqe, become Pemier and promises to hold a referendum.
  • The Charlotown Accord

    The Charlotown Accord
    Second attempt to amend the constitution to satisfy all Provinces, Some highlights of the accord: Quebec would be guaranteed 25% of the seats in an enlarged House of Commons. Quebec also wanted Senators to be elected by proportional representation, giving each province 6 seats. The accord went no a referendum and Canadians voted no.
  • 1995 Referendum

    1995 Referendum
    The vote was extremely close, putting a strain on the relationship between the French and the English. 49.42% for Quebec to seperate and 50.58% for Quebec to stay a province in Canada, a 9% less wanted to keep Quebec a province since the 1980 referendum.
  • Ms. Armstrong's Class Studying French-English Relations

    Ms. Armstrong's Class Studying French-English Relations
    Important part of Canada, our history and our future.