Five Year Plan for BBMG

  • When Making Sense Makes Cents

    When Making Sense Makes Cents
    I made the decision to pursue a degree in Music Production at Full Sail University. This was an important step on my road to my dream job of being a music producer.
  • Period: to

    Five Year Plan For Success

    My visual representation of the goals set for BBMG.
  • College Bound

    College Bound
    I start my first day at Full Sail University. After completing my first workload for my Digital Literacy course, I come up with the idea to raise the value of BBMG. By signing artists to the imprint, I would be able to enhance my sound and use them to create a movement.
  • Setting My Goals

    As one of my assignments I am instructed to set realistic goals for myself. When asked "Where do you want to be in five years?", I realize that I have loosely set goals, but as a result of my being a dreamer they were not realistic. I then set a series of goals that would put me where I wanted to be.
  • Babysteps

    "Fed Time" is recorded at ProSound Studios by newly signed artist "Jon G'z". BBMG was introduced to some of the movers and shakers in this industry and many connections were made on this day.
  • Music Theory I

    This is one of my milestone courses. I will be able to use the knowledge gained to make the correct technical decisions based on the song and the artist. This will eventually be applied to the development stages of "The Demo".
  • Digital Recording Principles

    This is one of my milestone courses. Once I start this course I will begin crafting "The Demo".
  • The Demo

    After gaining some insight from my Music Theory course, I will begin the groundwork for an EP featuring two BBMG artists. This project will embody both my natural talent and the knowledge gained from my schooling thus far. It will also serve as a portion of my final project.
  • College Mathematics

  • Important research

    This will mark the beginning of my search for a major label situation. I will use this time to research what is needed in order to survive in this industry. I will also begin the process of creating media packages for my artists. This will give the world a better idea of what we at BBMG have to offer.
  • Music Composition Programming

    During this course I will learn how to develop my ideas more effectively. As I progress through this course I can start to create a broader catalogue of beats for my artists to choose from. This will be a continuing effort to put together the best tracks possible for "The Demo".
  • Songwriting and Development

    This is one of my milestone courses. As a producer I have a need for a sense of form, melody, harmony, and rhythm. After gaining some insight on the song development aspect of the game, I can start to craft the tracks for "The Demo".
  • Complete "The Demo"

    At this point in my life, I should have gained enough knowledge to complete "The Demo". With a finished project in hand designed specifically to market BBMG, I can start to shop it to the Majors.
  • Music Copyright and Publishing

    While taking this course I will utilize the knowledge gained to get all BBMG artists Copyright Protection and establish Royalties. I will also set a goal to have all the proper paperwork done to establish BBMG as a recognized recording label.
  • Music Business Management

    This is one of the courses that I look forward to taking. I will be able apply the knowledge gained toward running BBMG. I will also gain the knowledge needed to interact with the various companies that I will have to deal with to get started.
  • All the pieces matter

    After starting my Music Business Management course I will be able to put a plan in place to get BBMG distribution.
  • Graduation

    I will have attained my degree in Music Production. My final project being a Demo EP of two of the artists signed to BBMG.
  • The job search

    I will need to find a job utilizing my degree in Music Production. This will help provide revenue for BBMG.
  • Moving the movement

    I will start a BBMG campaign. At this point in time I want to flood the market with BBMG images. Whether its street teams promoting "The Demo", A strong run at the radio, or BBMG clothes and accessories.
  • Groundbreaking

    On or about this day I would like to be opening the doors to BBMG's first official building.