First Nations Treaties

  • Champlian supports the Algonquin

    Champlian supports the Algonquin
    Samuel De Champlain, was a French navigator, cartographer, draughtsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat and chronicler. He founded Quebec City on July 3, 1608. He helped The Alquin fight the Iroquis in 1609
  • Period: to

    The explorers introduce a diseaeses

    Native Americans were plague with diseases that Europeans Brought from Europe, such as small pox, which greatly decimated native populations. Europeans defeated many many of the Native empires and took control over their land.
  • France and the indian war

    France and the indian war
    It was part of the seven years war, it took place between 1754 and 1763. It was fought in what now is the U.S. The war was between the French with Indian allies and the British with British-American and Indian allies. The war is called The Conquest War in Quebec and Ontario, Canada. Some of the causes of this war were both British and the French said they owned the land. This land was between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The red river establishes themsevles

    The Red River Settlers establish themselves in Canadas northwest (Ruperts Land).The Red River Colony was also known as the Selkrik Settlement.
  • Confederation

    Confederation was when Canad officially became a country. Confederation was accomplished when the Queen gave royal assent to the BNA act on March 29 1867.
  • Ruperts Land Is Purchased

    Ruperts Land Is Purchased
    It was purchased for 1.5 Million. It was owned by the Hudson Bay Company for about 200 years. When Ruperts Land was sold it was of Ruperts Land Act 1868. It was purchased on December 1 1868 due to major setbacks of the Red River Rebellion. Canda officially took over the land on the !5th of July 1870.
  • Red River Rebellion

    Red River Rebellion
    The Red River Rebellion was the first conflict the new goverment faced after Confederation. Canada put governor William Mcdougall in charge of ruperts land and all it people he was opposed to all the french speaking metis. But before the land was transfered to Canada Mcdougall sent surveyors to the land to survey but Louis Riel and his stopped them from doing that.
  • Treaty Number 0ne

    It was an agreement between the Queen and variuos First Nations in Southern Eastern Manitoba it included the Chippewa and Swampy Cree tribes
  • Treaty Number Six

    Treaty Number Six
    It was an agreement between the Canadian Monarch and the wood and plain cree tribes. Some of the reasons were the buffalo were disappearing at an alarming rate because of the settlement activity. The smallpox swept through killing a lot of first nations it was another major issue that put the tribes in a positions to make peace with the English
  • Luois Riel and the Metis Clash with Northwest Mounted Police

    In 1885, the NWMP helped to quell the North-West Rebellion led by Louis Riel. They suffered particularly heavy losses during the Battle of Duck Lake,
  • Alberta and Saakatchewan

    Alberta and Saskatchewan were established September 1, 1905
  • 15 Redsidential Schools are still operating

    In 1979 there were only 15 residential schools operating in Canada. These schools were evaluted by the department of indian affairs.
  • The Canada Act

    It was Canadian goverments last request to amend the countries Constitution. March 29th is when the Act recieved royal assent.It was an act to give effect to a request by the Senate and House of Commons of Canada assed by the british parliment
  • NWT aboriginals languages are officially recognized

    In the North West Territories the aboriginal languages are finally recognized in addition to the English and French.
  • Nunavut is formed

    It was founded in 1999 when many Inuit living in the Northwest Territories wanted to have an independent province and government. Its capital is named Iqaluit.