Finacial Advisor

  • Graduateing

    This day i will hope to graduate with no flaws. I would hope to have passed all of my classes leading up to this point and maintaining an A- average.
  • First Day of Class

    First Day of Class
    This day I will have hoped to be starting my first day of college. I would like to go to DWU mainly because that is where all of my family went to school at.
  • 2nd Graduation

    2nd Graduation
    I would like to be receiveing my bachelor's degree in finace right about this time. I would be looking forward to starting off my career in finacial advising.
  • Test

    I would be hoping to pass the investment advisor test that will allow me to work in this field.
  • Work

    This would be the time that I would like to be starting ragular buisness hours at the Cheeseman Finacial office in Salem.
  • House

    Around this year I would like to be a home owner. This day
    I will hopefully buy a house.
  • Buisness ownership

    Buisness ownership
    I would like to own my own buisness at this time. Being self-employed would be something that I would really like to do.
  • Retirement

    At this day I wish to buy my one and only lottery ticket and I am going to win the lottery. The day after I will retire.