Events that occured in France

  • Meeting of the Estates

    Meeting of the Estates
    Estates General was forced by King Louis XVI to fix financial problems. Along with the General, there were classes like nobles, clerky, and Third Estate represented by him. Each class had one vote, but the nobels and clerky were favorited. From this,the Third Estate formed their own National Assembly. It impacted France by telling people to not stand down, but take a stand and have their voices be heard.
  • The French Revolution

    The French Revolution
    Some cause of the French Revolution werebecause of high taxes and the American Revolution led the French wanting one as well. This revolutio turned violent and lead to the execution of King Louis XVI. It changed France and Europe by inspiring revolutionary movements. It also spead principles of rights, equality, and freedom around the world
  • Fall of Bastille

    Fall of Bastille
    An angry crowd of French people marched to Bastille (prison). Too many people who Louis seemed to have hated were kept in there. Commander of the Bastille fought for a while until he surrendered and let the French people in. King Louis XVI withdrew troops from the capital. This event changed the French government because the French people had a bad leader, and they were going to rebel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uI6JFl_sq4
  • March on Versailles

    March on Versailles
    French people were starving and homeless. Protestors (Women) marched from Paris to the Palace of Versailles. They were all angry that the royal family had more supplies then them. Crowd demanded bread and that the King and his family have to go back and live like the starving French people. Louis agreed to do so. Showed how people weren't afraid to go up to the King and get the things they need. Changed France by saying that the King really isn't the one in charge the people of France are.
  • Flight to Varennes

    Flight to Varennes
    The National Assembly worked on a new constitution for France. Came up with idea to impose limits of the King's authority and give him veto power. Once the king heard of this he denouced the revolution and him and his family tried to leave. Once they went to Varennes they were discovered and forced to go back to Paris. This devasted the National Assembly because it the events occured before the new constitution was to come out. Had to deal with king being against the constituion.
  • Dissolution of the National Assembly

     Dissolution of the National Assembly
    The constitution that was meant to be out a lot sooner finally came out. France proclaimed a constitutional monarchy. The result of a lot of changes that occured was the loss of people with policital experience. Thus benefitted the French people because now they had a constituion that is still in action and made themselves more organized.
  • The War

    The War
    In France everyone was supporting the war efforts. Louis XIV had people who wanted war because they beileved foregin armies would try to take over control of the new developing government. Revolutionaries pushed for war because they thought it would unify the nation. France declared war on April 20th against Austria. It affected the French people because they had to provide a lot of money they might not have had.
  • Attack on the Tuileries Palace

    Attack on the Tuileries Palace
    The Austrian army started take over the French territory. The king was considered a traitor for trying to flee. The Legislative Assembly was then divided. On Aug 10, 20,000 people attacked the Tuileries Palace learning the the King and Queen escaped and were being protected by the Legislative Assembly. French Revolution became a radical phase and many people were being killed because they were accused as roylalists. Affected France by decreasing it's population. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x
  • Declaration of the Republic and the Trial of Louis

    Declaration of the Republic and the Trial of Louis
    After the arrests of the King and Queen the Legislative Assembly ]replaced itself with a new political group named the National Convention. French military had also stopped the foreign invasion and pushed back Austrians and Prussians. Louis the king was trialed of treasion and much more. The death sentence was to take place. Same with the Queen she was also found guilty. Now France had to find a new leader now that the horrible one was gone and they didn't have to make bad choices like the King.
  • Directory and the Rise of Napoleon

    Directory and the Rise of Napoleon
    The National Convention created a new constitution for France that was made in 1795. The Directory led the new government. The Directory became a political conflict, financial problems occured and they depended on the army to remain in power. In 1799, a military officier named Napoleon Bonaparte returned from a military mission in Egypt and became in charge.