Farmer brown

Events in my Career

By RB3074
  • College Degree

    College Degree
    Graduate from college with a Bachelors Degree in Agribuisness Management and Agriscience. This will be the stepping stone to great things.
  • First Day on The Job

    First Day on The Job
    This is the first day on the job. This is when we start planting also, making it very busy.
  • Period: to

    Working Person

    This is the years that I will work.
  • Twenty Year Aniversary

    Twenty Year Aniversary
    This marks twenty years at work. Nuff Said.
  • 40 Years of Work

    40 Years of Work
    This is fourty years since I started this job. This is an awesome possum day.
  • Retirement

    This is when I plan to retire. At this point, I would easily have enough to live a long happy life, while having 10,000 cats.
  • Realizing I had to Many Cats

    Realizing I had to Many Cats
    Realizing I forgot to carry the one, I now have to work Bingo for a living. Its a long tireless job, since the people there want to play until they are skeletons.