Diana Montano&Karen Valdez

  • Bankruptcy

    Carlos IV drove Spain to bankruptcy due to costly wars and misrule leading to higher taxes, sale of high offices, and forclosure of long-term loans.
  • French Revolution

    Challenged the idea of monarchy based on divine right; inspiration from the intellectual awakening called the Enlightenment. Argument for popular sovereignty. Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • War With Britain

    War with England over the next decade confronting the worlds most powerful navy. The Spanish navy was overwhelmed and the number of Atlantic sailings dropped drastically strangling colonial trade.
  • Napoleonic Wars

    1807 Napoleon invades Portugal. Royal family flees from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro
  • Tupac Amaru

  • Spanish American Revolts

    Initiatives for independence came from native-born whites called Creoles to distinguish them from Spaniards born in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Miguel Hidalgo

    Father Miguel Hidalgo Creole preist who led the revolt against Spanish Royalists under the banner of the Virgen de Guadalupe.
  • Jose Maria Morelos

    Father Jose Maria Morelos took over the torch of the rebellion and declared independance.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon defeated
  • Jose Maria Morelos

    Father Jose Maria Morelos was captured and executed.
  • Juana Azurdui and Policarpa Salavarrieta

    Essential women patriots
  • Simon Bolivar

    Begins his string of triumphs with the assistance of the Llaneros.
  • Bolivar and the Llaneros

    Bolivar's army of Llaneros crossed the Orinoco Plains in capture the capital of Bogota
  • Caracas and Quito

    Bolivars forces capure Caracas and Quito
  • Brazilian Party Achieves Goal

    Brazil gained idenpendance while maintaining social hierarchy. Pedro I