Dates of Confederation

  • Confederation

    This is the date of the original Confederation, when Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia joined to start out the federal Dominion of Canada.
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    Colonies Joining Confederation

    These are the dates that all the colonies joined confederation.
  • Manitoba, Northwest Territories

    Manitoba, Northwest Territories
    This is the date that Manitoba joined confederation. Also, Northwest Territories was created out of a big section of Rupert's Land in the north-western part of BNA (hence the name, Nothwest Territories).
  • British Columbia

    British Columbia
    This is the date that British Columbia joined the nation of Canada.
  • Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island
    This is the date that Prince Edward Island joined Confederation. This will be Canada's smallest province.
  • Yukon

    This is when a territory made up of the most north western part of Canada, known as Yukon, was created and added to the nation of Canada.
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan

    Alberta and Saskatchewan
    On this date, two provinces, made up of western land on the prairies along the border, called Alberta and Saskatchewan, joined the new country.
  • Newfoundland

    This is the date that Newfoundland finally joined Canada. The province was soon renamed Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Nunavut

    This is the most recent addition to Canada, having being added only 12 years back. Nunavut reaches the most northernly part of Canada.