Culminating Activity unit 2

  • Graduated from St.mary's elementary school

  • Started at Eastdale Secondary School

  • internal/external influences

    internal influences are my family and my external influences are my peers aroubnd around me like my tecahers
  • learning skills that must be improved in order to be successful

    my most importante learning skill that needs to be improved is me being able to speak in front of a class and lots of people.
  • community service hours

    for my community service hours i will go to a school and help out there or to a old age home because it is a very good place to go and get community hours and it is very easy.
  • Grade 11 courses required for 2013

    science gr.10
    history gr.10
    english gr.11
    math gr.11
    english gr.12
    parenting gr.11
    communications technology gr.12
    leadership and peer support gr.11
    buissness gr.11
  • Grade 12 courses required for 2014

    chemistry gr.12
    Physicis gr.12
    biology gr.11
    co-op gr.11
    co-op gr.12
    math gr.12
  • places that you can take for co-op to help achieve my career

    a co-op placement that i can take to achieve my career would be at a day care or an elementary school.
  • Do you plan on coming back for 12B ?

    No i do not plan on coming back to eastdale for 12B
  • plan after eastdale

    i plan on going to work for a bit and saving up to go to college or ill just spend it just kidding,
  • where would you like to go to school?

    i would like to go to school to be a nurse or work in the ECE force for 2 or 3 years, while living at home with my boy friend.
  • family expectations

    I expect to be married wiht 2-5 kids and have two dogs and live in a decent size house.
  • Where do you want to work?

    I would like to run my own day care or work in sick kids hospital.
  • Values

    My values in 10 years i hope to have are 10 be working in a career that i love and have i respectful fmily and be making a good amount of money