• Sir Francis Hincks born.

    Sir Francis Hincks' birthday is on December 14th 1807
  • John Alexander Mcdonald born

    January 11th 1815 is the birthdate of John Alexander Mcdonald.
  • George Brown's Birthday

  • William Mcdougall's birthday

  • Charlottetown confederation starts

  • Period: to

    Charlottetown confederation

  • Charlottetown confederation ends

  • Quebec confederation starts

  • Quebec confederation ends

  • Reciprocity treaty

    Cancellation of the Reciprocity treaty by the United States
  • London confederation starts

  • London confederation ends

  • name of Dominion Canada

    the union of the British North American colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Canada (Canada being an earlier 1841 union of Lower Canada and Upper Canada), was achieved 1 July 1867 under the new name, Dominion of Canada.
  • North-West Territory

    North-West Territory has created.
  • B.C.

    British Columbia has been created!
  • P.E.I

    Prince Edward Island has been created!