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Carlos II

  • Birth

    Son of Felipe IV and Mariana de Austria
  • King

    He becomes kng at four yearts okd after his father's death
  • Roussillon and Cerdanya → Netherlands

    Louis XIV offers Roussillon and Cerdanya, in exchange for the Low P., who interested him for his private war with Holland, but Spain, refuses, and the second war begins.
  • Independence of Portugal

    Independence of Portugal
    The war in Portugal was still in process until its independence was recognized.
  • Flanders and Franche-Comté cities

    Louis XIV seized the most important cities in Flanders and Franche-Comté, as the court of Charles II was full of rivalries for government positions.
  • Period: to


  • Holland + Spain vs France

    Luis invades Holland, which is allied with Spain, and the French king crushes them with an army of 35,000 soldiers.
  • Pneumatic pump

    Pneumatic pump
    Otto von Guericke created the pneumatic pump
  • Carlos alcanza la mayoría de edad

  • Newton discovered gravity

  • Marriage

    He gets married with Maria Luisa de Orleans
  • First wife dies

    Maria Luisa de Orleans, his first wife, dies She was reportedly fond of sweetened lemon and cinnamon drinks which required around thirty-two pounds of sugar per day. After horseback riding on 11 February 1689, she felt a severe pain in the abdomen which forced her to lie down the rest of the evening. She died the following night
  • Second marriage

    Second marriage
    Gets married with Mariana de Neoburgo
  • Peace of Nijmegen

    Peace treaty between France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.
  • Motín de los gatos

    The mutiny of the cats was a riot that broke out, following the classic guidelines of the subsistence riots of the Old Regime, in response to the shortage of food, especially bread.
  • Death

    He dies in Madrid due to a genetic desease known as Klinefelter syndrome
  • beech alliance

    beech alliance
    The fight means more than the Spanish Crown. The possibility that a Bourbon could inherit the Crown of Castile and the Crown of Aragon and endangered European stability.According to the will of Carlos II, the heir would be Felipe de Anjoullevo to "Alianza de la Haya"
  • Philip of Anjou

    When Charles II was unable to have children, the European Cortes began preparations for the fight for control of the future government of Spain and its still enormous possessions. As a result of many failed intrigues and succession plans, Charles II decided to offer the Spanish crown to his French nephew Felipe de Anjou (who is also the grandson of the powerful French King Louis XIV) on one condition: The new monarch cannot join France or any of the Spanish possessions.
  • war of succession

    war of succession
    Development of the war
    Between 1702 and 1704 the development of the War was located outside the borders of Spain, but from that year, after the union of Portugal with the allies, the confrontation extended to the Iberian Peninsula.In 1704 the British took Gibraltar and In 1708 they took Menorca. In 1705 Archduke Carlos landed in Valencia and conquered the kingdoms of Aragon, and even entered Madrid.