Career Goals and Aspirations

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    Career Goals and Aspirations

  • Graduate with Superintendent Letter of Eligibility

    Graduate with Superintendent Letter of Eligibility
    Upon completion of this program, I intend to use the newly acquired knowledge and experience in my role. I will also be taking any opportunities to impact my organization from a superintendent's or executive director's point of view.
  • 5-year goal

    At this point in my career, I hope to have expanded the number of professional staff that report to me and possibly have climbed at least one "rung" in the ladder. Whether that be moving to an assistant principal, principal, curriculum director, assistant director, etc., I feel that a 5 year goal is realistic for developing my leadership skills and title.
  • 10-year Goal

    Hopefully, I will have had the opportunity to have led a department or a building and gained valuable experience. Utilizing my experience, organizational and instructional leadership skills, I can only hope that I have hit the necessary steps to lead effectively and efficiently.
  • 15-year goal

    15 years from now I can only imagine that I will be leading a system that contains multiple departments and/or faucets. Additionally, I would like to have my Ph.D. by now and potentially moved into the private sector to find out what it is like to actually be paid for what the market values ones' skills.