Canadian History Timeline

  • Parliament

    the cornerstone of the parliament buildings is laid
  • The Conference of Charlottetown

    A conference opens up about confederation of the britsh north American colonies that was in charlottetown
  • The Quebec Conference

    Quebec Conference opened to discuss British North American Act
  • The British North America Act

    in London They discuss the British North America Act
  • The Parliament Passes The British North America Act

    British parliament passes the British North America Act and Canada becomes it's own country.
  • Rupert's Land

    Canadian Parliament buys Rupert's Land and establishes a government.
  • The New Province of Canada

    Manitoba joins Confederation and becomes a new province of Canada
  • British Columbia

    British Columbia joins Confederation
  • Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island joins Confederation.
  • The Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in the outskirts of Brantford, Ontario.
  • Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court of Canada is established
  • Literary Club

    The Toronto Women's Literary Club is founded
  • University of Manitoba

    The province of Manitoba creates the University of Manitoba, the oldest University in western Canada.
  • Secret ballot

    Secret ballot first time used in a federal election.
  • Games of Hockey

    The first organized games of hockey Was played by McGill University in Montreal.
  • The Arctic

    Britain transfer the Arctic, to Canada
  • Toronto Medical School

    Augusta Stowe the first woman to graduate from the Toronto Medical School.
  • Métis North-West Rebellion

    The Métis North-West Rebellion is led by Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont. After the rebellion is crushed by troops who arrive on the newly built railway.
  • Riel

    Riel hanged at Regina
  • First Provincial Premiers'

    The first provincial Premiers' conference is in Québec City.
  • Isaac Shupe