Canadian History, Defining Modern Canada (1982-Present)

By KiLim
  • constitutional act

    It was part of the constitution of Canada. It was introduced as one of Canada's process of patriating the constitution. This document replaced the British North America Act as the basic governing document of Canada in 1982.
  • signed free trade agreement(NAFTA)

    North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a pact that unites Canada, Mexico, and the United States in one of the world's largest free-trade zones. It builds on a free-trade agreement between the United States and Canada that became effective in 1989.
  • The Meech Lake accord

    Attempt by the Federal government to ensure that Québec's failure would accept the patriation package in 1981. It was Constitutional Accord which eventually failed in 1990
  • The Charlottetown

    a failed agreement on constitutional change made between the provinces and the federal government in 1992.
  • The separatist of the government of Quebec.

    In 1994, the separatis parti Quebecois agian gained contril of the government of Qubec. In 1995, Quebec voters narrowly defeated the referendum called for independence for Quebec.
  • promoting national unity

    parliament passed resolutions that promotes national unity. Teh resolution recognized Quebec's unique language, culture, and civil law.
  • Canadian army forces took part in Persian Gulf War in1991

    It was the First Canadian forces was sent to the Persian Gulf war in 1991