Canadian History, British North America (1759-1867)

By KiLim
  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    Battle of the Plains of Abraham
    Also known as battle of Quebec. It is One of the most significant battle in the seven year's war. The battle took place on a plateau between British Army and Navy, and the French Army. Eventually nearly all of France's possessions in eastern North America would be ceded to Great Britain.
  • Royal Proclamation

    Royal Proclamation
    issued by King George the third. It's purpose was to organize Great Britain's new North American empire and to stabilize relations.
  • Quebec Act

    Quebec Act
    It was a change in province of Qubec by the parliament of great Britain since the population of the Quebec was more than 99% and British immigration was not going well after the seven years' war
  • American War of Independence

    American War of Independence
    It is the war between great britain and 13 british colonies in north America. Great powers of the Europe like Spain were also involved. American used militia as a defence who were lightly armed and not very much experienced but with more numbers. Tax policy of Britain to the colony caused the war. Since the America helped the Britain to fight against the France they expected Britain to let them enter the cetral area of Canada but it had been deignated as a Indian land. It also caused the war.
  • •War of 1812

    •War of 1812
    It started as America declared war with Britain. War occured as Britain captured the American ship and caused the problem with America's expotation. In this war nobody won but White house were burned down and painted white.
  • Rebellions

    They were canadian armed rebels occured in 1837. The cause and key point of this event were responsibel government. Rebellion started in lower canada and spread to lower canada. Lower canada was consist of French Canadian and English Canadian. War occured because Family compact who ruled the colonies of British north America.
  • Lord Durham Report

    Lord Durham Report
    After the rebellions of 1837 Lord Durham sent to investigate the problems of the rebellions. He suggeted the responsible government and union of Upper and Lower Canada.
  • Act of Union

    Act of Union
    It was inspired by Lord Durham's report. Act of union repealed the legislatures of lower and upper canada and established new political entity. The union was also proposed to solve financial issues in Upper Canada caused by family compact.
  • Period: to

    Baldwin-Lafontaine Coalition

  • Quebec Conference

    Quebec Conference
    It was second meeting took placed in Quebec to discuss the Canadian confederation. Province of canada, Nova scotia, New Brunswik, and Prince Edward Island agreeded to meet again in the Quebec city after the conference in charottetown.
  • Confederation

    It formed the federal dominion of Canada. 3 british colonies formed four canadian provinces. The british provinces of canada was devived in to onraio, Quebec, Nobascotia, and New Burnswick.