Canadian Events

  • Jun 24, 1497

    Cabots "discovery" of Newfoundland

  • Mar 19, 1534

    Cartiers "discovery" of Canada

  • Champlain founds Quebec City

  • Maisonneuve founds Montreal

  • Hudsons Bay Company founded

  • Treaty of Utrecht

  • Battle of Louisbourg

  • Fall of Quebec

  • Paris Treaty

  • Quebec Act

    In 1774 Quebec signed a traty that allowed the French citizens to have their old french customs and territory rights back. Including: territory rights, religious rights, law, and land rights.
  • Northwest Company founded

  • Constitutional Act of 1791

  • Period: to

    End of War of 1812

  • Red River Settlement founded

    The Red River Settlement was founded in 1812. An uneasy cultural mix of European settlers, aboriginal, and Metis all come to the area. Winnipeg as the Settlement would become known reaches a political boiling point in the late 1860's.
  • Union Act

    The Union act was when Canada joined together in 1841. Canada went from being Canada East to lower Canada. And Canada West went to Upper Canada. Upper Canada was known as "Family compact", they were british loyalists. Lower Canada was known as "Clique du Chateau" and they were French.
  • Responsible government created

    In 1848 Lord Elgin recommends that one party take charge of the government and work with the other parties to have a more responsible government. With a responsible government each Canada has 42 elected officials that form their legislative councils.
  • Charlottetown Conference

  • Confederation

    On July 1 1867 the constitution act is put into law creating the dominion of Canada. The first four provinces to join Canada were Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia. Sir JOhn A MacDonald, leader of the Conservative party, becomes Canadas first prime minister.
  • Manitoba joins Canada

  • Date Louis Riel is executed

  • Northwest Rebellion

  • Assasination of Franz Ferdinand

  • Period: to

    Battle of Somme

  • Period: to

    Battle of Somme

  • Armistice Day

  • Treaty of Versailles

  • Start of World War 2

  • D-Day

  • Hitlers Suicide

  • victory in Europe Day