Canada's Government Through the Years

  • Smauel de Champlain forms Quebec City

    Quebec City was founded, the second oldest permanent European settlement in Canada.
  • Period: to

    History of the Canadian Government

    Module 7, my timeline for a 5th grade Gifted social studies assignment.
  • Creation of Nova Scotia

    Sir William Alexander was granted a large plot of land, which would soon become Nova Scotia.
  • The representative Government Comes to Canada.

    Until this time, British clonies were ruled by a Governor and appointed Executive Council.
  • The splitting of Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia was divided, making New Brunswick.Refugee Loyalists greatly brought up the population of the new province.
  • A "Newfound" provincial government

    After a general election, Newfoundland managed to get a responsible provincial government.
  • A Capital is Finally Picked

    Canada's capital city became Ottawa. Queen Victoria chose it instead of Kingston, Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal.
  • The Freedom to Vote Reaches all Canadian Citizens

    Nellie McClung finally manages to have ladies vote in federal elections.
  • Senate Appointment Reaches Women

    Cairine Wilson was appointed as the first female Senator. It was finally decided that a "person" meant both genders.