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Canada History

  • Freedom!

    Slavery in the British Colonies is abolished
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

    1812-1814: The War of 1812 begins on july 11and then ends with the Treaty of Ghent
  • Period: to

    Great Migration

    800,000 immigrants emigrated from Britain; they were getting rich from the industrial revolution and needed new jobs thus seeking opputunity from the New World
  • Borders

    The border between the United States and Canada is named the 49th parallel
  • Combine

    1821: The Hudson's Bay Company and the Northwest Company jmerge together.
  • Ninety-Two Resolutions

    Ninety-Two Resolutions
    92 resolution written by the legislative party in lower Canada. Drafted by Louis-Joseph Papineau and members of the Parti Patriote in Lower Canada. Demands for an elected Legislative Council and an Executive Council responsible before the house of representatives
  • Fort Victoria

    Fort Victoria
    Fort Victoria Established by James Douglas. Fort Victoria was a fur trading post.
  • Period: to

    Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada

    The Rebellion The rebellions<a/>Rebellions in Upper and Lower Caanda broke out, but the rebels were quickly defeated. Seeked a responsible government
  • Union

    The Act of Union is passed, which united Upper and Lower Canada. It abolished the legislatures of Lower Canada and Upper Canada and established a new political entity
  • Oregon Treaty

    Oregon Treaty
    The treaty ended the Orgeon territory dispute, signed at Washington D.C. Ending the dispute it formed the borders and the borders of Vancouver island established along 49 parallel.
  • Beginnings

    RLB/ first test of responsible government (Drafted in 47)
  • Extension

    The 49th parallel is extended to the Pacific Ocean
  • Customs

    The Reciprocity Treaty balanced customs duty between Canada and the United States.
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  • Cariboo Gold Rush

    Cariboo Gold Rush
    A gold rush that took place in British Colombia. Gold discoveries were first made in 1859 but the full swing did not begin until 1861. The miniscule town of Barker Ville soon became a boomtown. The British sent Royal engineers to build the Old Cariboo Trail from Lillooet directly to Alexandria.
  • BNA Act

    BNA Act
    BNA ActCanada officially becomes a country because of the BNA act: British North America Act. The BNA Act was signed by Queen Victoria on March 29, 1867 and came into effect on July 1 1867. The laws and rules of the new federal nation.
  • Fire!

    Stories and reportsA devstating fire swept across Barkerville burning it to the ground.
  • Red River Rebellion

    Red River Rebellion
    The MetisSequence of events related to the 1869 establishment of a provisional government by the Métis leader Louis Riel. The uprisings started in the Red River Settlement fighting against the Metis rights such as land, language, and basic rights.
  • BC Confederation

    BC Confederation
    British Columbia succesfully joins Canadian Confederation
  • Pacific Scnadal

    Pacific Scnadal
    The Conservatory party used bribes to finance their election campaign. The pacific Scandal was the event that bribes were taken by the Conservatory party. John. A. Macdonald resigns due to the idea he was going to lose and the Liberal party Mackenzie is elected.
  • North-West Rebellion

    North-West Rebellion
    Second uprising of Louis Riel. Breif and unsuccesfull of the Metis. Métis believed that Canada had failed to address the protection of their rights, their land and their survival as a distinct people.
  • CPR

    CPRBecause of the Pacific Scandal John A. Macdonald had insufficient funds to complete the trascontinental railway he promised. As of luck he used the reason of the North-West Rebellion to move troops to Batoche to complete the railway. The last spike was driven in Craigellachie BC.