British North America Act

  • Canada West 1841

    Canada West 1841
    The assembly of Kingston, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto took place Canada West in 1841
  • The Webster-Ashburton 1842

    The Webster-Ashburton 1842
    The Webster-Ashburton Treaty ends the Aroostook War, settling once and for all the Maine-New Brunswick border dispute.
  • John A. Macdonalds marriage 1843

    John A. Macdonalds marriage 1843
    September 1 1843, First Prime Minister of Canada Sir John A. Macdonald marries Isabella Clark
  • Toronto Globe 1844

    Toronto Globe 1844
    The Toronto Globe is founded by George Brown.
  • Welland Canal 1845

    Welland Canal 1845
    The Welland Canal is opened
  • St. John's Newfoundland 1846

    St. John's Newfoundland 1846
    Burning of Saint John's Newfoundland
  • Lorg Elgin 1847

    Lorg Elgin 1847
    Lorg Elgin, Governer, arrives in Montreal.
  • Maple suger 1848

    Maple suger 1848
    Maple sugar is made with trouble and labour in St. Anselme.
  • Rebellion losses

    Rebellion losses
    For sanctioning the rebellion losses bill, Lord Elgin is mobbed by tories and the paliment house in montreal is demolished in a deadly fire.
  • Riots in 1849

    Riots in 1849
    Civilians of Toronto did not agree with Montreal to be formed as one of Canada's important citys due to riots in 1849
  • canadian postage stamps 1851

    canadian postage stamps 1851
    The first Canadian postage stamps were prionted for the Government.
  • Trinity College

    Trinity College
    Trinity College opens with first Canadian law school program.
  • Gavazzi Riot 1853

    Gavazzi Riot 1853
    Gavazzi Riot in Quebec are neutrelized by the military soldiers of the Province of Quebec.
  • The great bridge over Niagra 1855

    The great bridge over Niagra 1855
    A bridge over the Niagara River near the Niagara Falls is completed
  • Queen Victoria and Sir John . A Macdonald 1857

    Queen Victoria and Sir John . A Macdonald 1857
    In 1857 Sir John .A Macdonald was the Priminster of PROVINCE Canada. He decided the safest thing to do, was refer the whole issue to Queen victoria.
  • Macdonalds Government, 1864

    Macdonalds Government, 1864
    On the 14th of june 1864, Macdonalds Government was defeated by two votes. Macdonald. Macdonald could of called another election, but it wouldn't change anything
  • The worthy building, 1866

    The worthy building, 1866
    In 1866, the assmbly met there for there for the first time to creat the leading cities of Canada. Even George Brown was for to admit it was a beautiful building worthy of a great province.
  • BNA Act

    BNA Act
    The British North America Acts are the original names of a series of Acts at the core of the consitituion in Canada