British North America

By Alexk.1
  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    Battle of the Plains of Abraham
    Battle that determained the control of Canada between the British and the French during the 7 Year war. Fought between James Wolfe (BR) and Louis-Joseph De Montcalm (FR)
  • Period: to

    British North America

    Progression of British North America
  • Royal Proclamation/End of French/Indian War

    Royal Proclamation/End of French/Indian War
    Ordered by King George III to help stabalize the new territories taken for Britain in North America from the french, by means of regulating trade, and strengthening relations with the Native Americans that inhabit it, as well as the appeasing to the French who occupy most of the land.
  • Quebec Act

    An act ordered by the Parliament of Great Britain doing a number of things namely restoring French civil liberties while maintaining English law.
  • Beginning of American Revolution

    AKA the war for Independence. This was a war between the 13 colonies and the British.
  • End of the American Revolution

    America becomes independent with the signing of the Decleration of Independence.
  • War of 1812

    War between British Canada and America over the lands controlled by the British in the North.
  • End of the War of 1812

    End of the War with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent no lands gained or lost.
  • Rebellions of 1837

    Rebellions, 1837
  • Lord Durham Report

    Completed in January presented in Colonial office in Febuarary. Lord Durham was sent to find out the causes of rebellion in the Colonies, and offered a solution that meant unifying the Colonies.
  • Act of Union

    Abolished the legislatures of Upper and Lower Canada, and created a new political/provincial entity known as Canada.
  • Baldwin-Lafontaine Coalition

    Baldwin-Lafontaine Coalition, 1842-1843 robert baldwin and his political partner Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine led the first responsible ministry in Canada. Some people believe that it was the first real canadian government.
  • Quebec Conference

    A conference held in Charlottown to determain the fate of the provinces confederating.
  • Confederation

    The confederation of Canada. Provinces of Upper and Lower, as well as PEI, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.