Simon Bolivar's Revolutionary Opponent

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  • Independence

    Simon Bolivar and a group of patriots declare independence from Spain although the Spaniards don't agree.
  • Period: to

    Getting independence

    Bolivar declared independence in 1810, and fought for it until 1820 when he won.
  • Surprised Spanish

    Simon Bolivar gathered 2,500 soldiers and defeated the Spaniards in the battle of Boyaca by method of surprise.
  • Battle of Carabobo

    Leader Simon Bolivar claimed victory at the battle of carabobo against spanish leader Miguel de la Torre that helped Venezuela gain inependence.
  • Victory at Auacucho

    Simon Bolivar and 7,000 men defeated 10,000 spaniards at Auacucho.
  • Bolivia

    Bolivar became famous for gaining independence for so many contries and had upper Peru named after him. (Bolivia)