Life Span

  • Mom and dad decide to have a 2nd baby.

  • Mom starts to eat better so she can have a healthy pregency

  • Mom becomes pregant with me.

  • My Birth

    Birth weight 7.4lbs
  • Breast feed for first 6 months

    my mom said that breast feeding was an easy process for her because of experiencing it once with her first child.
  • Mom reads to me every night before bed.

  • 23 pounds by 1st birhday

  • First steps

    This was an exciting experience for my parents because I was beginning to walk on my own.
  • start playing with brother

  • Mom has 3rd kid.

  • Start playing magical games.

  • Start preschool

  • Always active

  • Start doing more by my self like dressing and bathing

  • Height 3'7'' weight 52 pounds.

  • School development right on schedule

  • Have many friends at school.

  • Have lots of support at home from family.

  • Diagnosed with Dyslexia

    The amount of reading was tough for me to keep up with because I was not able read efficiently
  • Adolescent egocentrism starts.

  • Start going though puberty.

  • Start dating.

  • Start high school.

  • Finish high school.

  • First serious relationship.

  • Start working out 5 times a week.

  • Start college career.

  • Get married.

  • Have first child.

  • Graduate from college.

  • Start career as a PA.

  • Have more time to spend with family now that school is done.

  • Helping my parents with daily task.

  • Have 2nd child.

  • Put kids in day care.

  • Celebrate 10 year anniversary with friends and family.

  • stressful time because of injury to arm which requires time off work.

  • Have to relocate for work.

  • First child graduates from high school.

  • Placed child in tutoring for addtional help with school.

  • Have first grand child.

  • Start to gain weight and have to wear glasses because of vision problems.

  • Have 2nd healthy grand child.

  • Watch grand kids two times a week.

  • Dies from skydiving accident.