PSYCH 229 Project

  • Period: to

    My Life in Psychological Terms

  • Mom has Morning Sickness

    Through entire pregnancy
  • Dad talked to me

    Mom thought it looked wierd to talk to her belly, but Dad would.
  • Mom has high stress level.

    Continued until I was born.
  • I was born.

  • Put in Daycare

  • First Rolled Over

  • Started to say "real" words

  • Started to fingerpaint and build things with Play-doh.

  • Started learning to write actual words.

  • First day of kindergarten, met a few new friends.

  • Read my first chapter book and did a report on it for school.

  • Started learning about and understanding different cutures and influences in the world

  • First sleep over at a friend's house

  • Growth Spurt- Grew from 4'6" to 5" in 8 weeks

  • First wrote a detailed research paper

  • Met my best friend Amanda

  • Began taking college courses

  • Met the people I work with, we are all friends

  • Ran first 5k race after knee surgery

  • I will be going back to school for a Master's degree

  • I will be married or getting ready to get married.

  • I will be playing recreational sports to keep in shape.

  • Will (hopefully) have grandchildren

  • Will be taking courses for hobbies or interests after I retire to keep my mind sharp.

  • Hopefully will not be diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, or any form of dementia. (These along with other diseases run in my family).