Kacy Weber French Rev.

  • Louis XVI calls rhe Estates-General

  • Parisans storm the Bastille.

    Parisans storm the Bastille.
    The people believed that weapons and gun powder were stored in the Bastille.
  • Womens march

  • Threats from abroad

    Threats from abroad
    The king of Prussia, who is the brother of Marie Antoinettes, issued the Declaration of Pilnitz. The two monarchs threatened to intervene to protect the French Monarchy.
  • Constitution is produced

    The National Assembly produces the Constitution of 1791.
  • Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

    Robespierre and the Reign of Terror
    The amount of beheadings increased as people were arrested for not agreeing.
  • Third Stage of the Revolution

    Moving away from the excess of the convention. Polititians turned to Napolean Bonaparts.
  • Spread of Nationalism

    Spread of Nationalism
    Nationalism is loving your country and it spread throughout Franch.