The British

  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    Quebec was captured after this battle
  • Treaty of Paris

    This treaty ended the Seven Years War
  • Royal Proclamation

    Signed in 1763. meant to protect Natives from uncontrolled white settlements
  • Quebec Act

    Signed in 1774, intended to reorganize the way these British territories were governed
  • American Revolution Defeat

    The british surrender to the americans
  • Period: to

    Great Migration

    The timespan of the great migration
  • Papineau and the Government

    Violence broke out between the supporters of papineau and the government.
  • Great Famine

    The great famine begins
  • Responsible Government

    Lord Elgin accepted the decision of the assembly over the Rebellion Losses Bill in the face of opposition from Chateau Clique, and so established the principles of responsible government.
  • End of Great Famine

    The great famine ends.