The Mexican Revolution vs. The American Revolution

  • Mar 22, 1521

    The Spanish Conquer Mexico

    The Spanish Conquer Mexico
    in 1521 the spanish conquered mexico. By the time the mexicans even rebelled it had already been 300 years.
  • Hidalgo Declares War

    Hidalgo Declares War
    Hidalgo was one of the leaders for the mexicans. He was the one who led them through the turmoil that was the mexican war of independence.
  • Migeul Hidalgo Costilla Murderd

    Because he tried to fight against the Spanish, he was put on trial. He was mutilated and put on public show.
  • King Ferdinand VII signs constitution

    King Ferdinand VII signed a constitution for Mexico saying that he would take control of Mexico. This was because of all the Mexican protests.
  • The Mexicans Gain Independence

    The Mexicans Gain Independence
    The day the Mexicans gained independence was a day the spanish would like to forget. The mexicans fought for their independence and they earned it.
  • The Treaty of Cordoba is Signed

    The Treaty of Cordoba is Signed
    On the day of the signing the spanish leaders came and signed off a document stating that mexico was now independent. The people who signed was the Army of the Three Guarantees, Agustín de Iturbide representing the spanish government but not cortes.