Latin America history timeline

By elvin
  • Jan 7, 1494

    Treaty of Tordesillas

    Treaty of Tordesillas
    Portugal gained control over the land which is now Brazil.
  • Jan 7, 1519

    Spanish Conquest

    Spanish Conquest
    Hernando cortes and his men landed in the coast of Mexico in 1519. Cortes and his men marched to the interior of Mexico until they reached the aztec city of Tenochitlan. They conquered the Aztecs.
  • Jan 10, 1532

    Fransisco Pizzaro

    Fransisco Pizzaro
    Francisco Pizarro invades and conquers the Inca empire in Peru
  • Jesuit State

    Jesuit state of Paraguay is established.
  • Earthquake

    Santiago and Chile is destroyed by an earthquake.
  • viceroyalty ofNew Granada

    Spanish establish viceroyalty of New Granada, encompassing
    all territory between Orinoco and Amazon rivers.
  • South America Countries Independence

    the countries of South America sought their independence from Spain in the first half of the 19th century.
  • Haiti Independence

    Haiti declared independence from France
  • Napoleon invaded Portugal

    Napoleon invaded Portugal
    Napoleon’s armies invaded Portugal. As the French army approached the capital of Lisbon, the Portuguese royal family boarded ships to escape capture.
  • Brazil demanded independence

    After Napoleon’s defeat in 1815, many people in
    Brazil demanded independence from Portugal. However, the Portuguese government wanted Brazil to remain a colony
  • Mexico Independence

    Mexico Independence
    When Mexico declared independende from Sapin
  • United Provinces of Central America

    United Provinces of Central America
    Central America had been governed by Mexico but then in 1823 Central America declared independence from Mexico
  • The Untied Provinces Separated

    The Untied Provinces Separated
    The United Provinces of Central America separated and became El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace treaty fixes frontier between Argentina and Chile along the ridge of the Andes.
  • Cuba independence

    Cuba achieved independence from Spain as a result of the Spanish-American War.
  • Cuba self-governed

    Cuba self-governed
    Cuba wasn't self-governed until 1902 by the help of the United States forces.
  • institutional revolutionary party (PRI)

    A new political party arose in Mexico and it was called the PRI. It helped introduce democracy and maintain political stability
  • Reggae

    Reggae develpoed in jamaica in 1960. Many reggae songs deal
    with social problems and religion.
    African music, Caribbean music, and American music all fed into the
    roots of reggae.
  • Trinidad & tobago

    Trinidad & Tobago didnt reach full independence from Great Britain until 1962.
  • New president

    New president
    Vicente Fox is elected new president of Mexico.