Mexico (:

  • 300

    Temples are built in Chichen Itza

    The Mayan Natives, The Zapotecan People & Teotihuacan settle in Chichen Itza.
  • Jan 14, 1502

    Moctezuma takes over the Aztec throne

    Moctezuma II (Montezuma) becomes the king of the Aztec empire
  • Sep 1, 1519

    Spanish conquest

    Spanish forces led by Hernando Cortés arrive and conquer Mexico.
  • Jan 14, 1520

    Death of Monctezuma

    Monctezuma was murdered by Cortez's men
  • The Fight For Independence Begins

    Mexico begins the war for its independence from Spain
  • Grito De Dolores (cry for independence)

    Miguel Hidalgo gave the cry for independence this day, making it also mexico's independence day
  • Hidalgo is captured

    After leading the Mexican forces to independence, and giving his Grito De Dolores, Father Dolores is captured
  • Treaty of Cordoba

    Spain Recognizes the Mexican's win of victory with this treaty
  • Fight for independence ends

    Mexico won its fight for there independence
  • Spain's second attempt to conquer Mexico

    The Spanish Army tries again to conquer Mexico, but SantaAnna stopped it
  • Battle of San Jacinto

  • Gadsen Purchase

    Santa Anna agrees to the Gadsen Purchase selling california, Arizona, and New Mexico to the U.S -_______-
  • Battle of Puebla

    Mexicans at Puebla, fight for their rights against Napoleon and his french army
  • Cinco de Mayo

    After defeating the French Invasion, Mexico was free. After a vigorous fight, they deserved the victory
  • Texas declares it independence

    After being part of Mexico, Texas wants to become a part of the U.S and declares its independence
  • The Alamo

    Texas declares its independence from mexico and the mexxican american war begins at the alamo in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Battle at the Alamo seizes

    The U.S wins the war, and therefore Texas becomes part of the United States.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    After this treaty, the war ends with the Mexican cession. The United States gave Mexico $15 Million.
  • Mexican Revolution Begins

    The Mexican Revolution starts with Generals Zapata, Villa, Madero, Huerta, & Carranza.
  • Revolution Ends

    The Mexican take home a victory and gain there independence completely