10 Year Career Timeline

  • Grade Eight Graduation Ceremony

    Grade Eight Graduation Ceremony
    I graduated Gr.8 and recieved the French, Science, and History award. I also got certificates for having above 80% in both English and Math.
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    10 Year Career Timeline

  • Start Secondary School

    Start Secondary School
    My first day of secondary school at Parkside Collegiate Institute.
  • Create my first resume

    Create my first resume
    I created my first resume in hope of getting a part time job.
  • My First Job Interview

    My First Job Interview
    I have my first job interview and successfully get my first part-time job at a local business.
  • Volunteer work completed

    I completed the 40 hours of volunteer work mandatory for graduating secondary school.
  • Finish Secondary School

    Finish Secondary School
    Graduate from secondary school at Parkside with honours and many awards.
  • Move Out of my Parents' House

    Move Out of my Parents' House
    I move out of my parents' house to live on the campus of Julliard in New York.
  • Start Post-Secondary School

    Start Post-Secondary School
    I start post-secondary school at Julliard to major in vocal music and minor in drama with a full scholarship.
  • Get a New Job in New York

    Get a New Job in New York
    Find a decently well paying job in New York to pay for my education, food and any other expenses.
  • Get my First Car

    Get my First Car
    Buy my first car which will be a black 1969 Chevy Impala because they are very nice cars.
  • Get my First Role in a Broadway Musical

    Get my First Role in a Broadway Musical
    While in New York learning at Julliard I plan on auditioning for as many shows as possible and try to get a role. I may start off as part of the ensemble but eventually I hope to get the lead role.
  • Go on Vacation to Europe

    Go on Vacation to Europe
    I want to backpack around Europe for a summer with some friends. I've always wanted to visit Europe and backpacking would be a good way to see much of Europe.
  • Recieve my Bachelor's Degree

    Recieve my Bachelor's Degree
    Earn my Bachelor's Degree in Vocal music and drama from Julliard with plans to continue school until I get my Doctorate.
  • Start Second Post-Secondary School

    Start Second Post-Secondary School
    Continue my education at Julliard for Vocal music to get my Master's Degree and eventually my Doctorate.
  • Write my own Broadway play and have it become world famous

    Write my own Broadway play and have it become world famous
    I want to write my own play and direct it and produce it and have it world famous. Eventually I want my show to have movies made of it and merch and people to dress as the characters I write for Halloween.