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Timeline of my life

  • 1 year in the crib

    1 year in the crib
    I was a year old and I was already standing on my own.
    My name is Diego Fernando Echeverry Betancourt
  • first year of life party

    first year of life party
    celebration of the first year of life with my friends from the neighborhood, Maryluz, juan sebastian, Ramon, Andres, Jymmi, claudia, walter,
  • a day in kindergarten

    a day in kindergarten
    I was two years old and I really enjoyed the stage of socializing with more children of my age, explore, play and develop other activities necessary for that age
  • our wedding

    our wedding
    It was in a country estate on the outskirts of Jamundi, all of our families and friends were there. Estefania Garcia Vanegas
  • the best concert of my life

    the best concert of my life
    It was from monsieur perine that day I enjoyed the concert from beginning to end it was a wonderful experience. Madame perine Catalina Garcia.
  • my birthday celebration

    my birthday celebration
    I shared it with my wife having lunch in a very delicious restaurant and spending the day together. My wife Estefania Garcia Vanegas