Fantasha Timeline

  • Prenatal Development and Birth

    During the embryonic period, my mom was always throwing up and sick while insde her womb. My prenatal Development was full term when I was born. On this day I was born in Fresno, California at a local hospital. I came out a healthy and normal baby at birth.
  • Biosocial

    By six months my vision was nearing 20/20 and I had the ability to follow moving objects with both my eyes.
  • Biosocial

    At the age of almost two years old. I was walking and talking. My father told me when he brought me from California to Michigan where my grandmother lived, as soon as I came through her door I yelled out yippie and was running around.
  • Biosocial

    I became a Liberty Lions cheerleader in headstart at the school I was attending. I was in the woodward parade.
  • Biosocial

    This is the day I started headstart at Liberty Elementary School. My grandma walked me to school everyday and what was even cooler I got to see her throughout the day because she worked in the cafeteria at my school.
  • Biosocial

    I learned how to pick my own clothing out and decide what I wanted to wear.
  • Cognitive

    This day I started first grade.
  • Cognitive

    When I was in first grade I remember drawing a picture for black history month that I ended up winning for in a school contest as best picture.
  • Cognitive

    I received a award in first grade for a picture I drawed. I stood in front of many at the city I lived in high school auditorium to receive my award.
  • Parade

    Was a flag girl in the woodward parade.
  • Moving On

    This is the first day I started Henry Ford Middle School.
  • Changes

    Iwas walking home from school withtwo of my friends and they got into a fight and one of my friends fell on my ankle in which it bent all the way back.
  • changes

    My gym teacher saw me on the way home and picked me up and drove me home because I couldn't move my ankle.
  • changes

    This is the morning I was taken to Henry Ford Hospital. My ankle was messed up.
  • Surgery

    I had a major surgery on my ankle which included two screws and pen because my bone on my ankle popped up and had to be pined down.
  • Home schooling

    This is when I started getting home schooled because I was on crutches and had to have a teacher come to my house to teach me.
  • Released

    This is the day I came home from hospital.
  • New Beginning

    Me and my family moved from our city of HP since I came to Michigan to a better home.
  • New Place

    This is the day I started a new Middle School called Hampton.
  • School

    My middle school went up to 9th grade. This is where I began.
  • Homecoming Dance

    I went to my school homecoming dance dressed in a formal black dress with a date and other couples.
  • Highschool

    This is my first day of high school.
  • Prom

    I went to my friends prom with her. I was only in 11th grade and I went along with her. So much fun.
  • First Job

    Started my first job working at Old Navy in Novi Michigan.
  • change

    This is the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child.
  • Graduation

    This is the year I graduated from Mumford High School with my Diploma.
  • 1ST Born Son

    My son was born at Providence Hospital. Happiest moment of my life.
  • College

    This was my first year of college and as a new young mother. I enrolled at Oakland Community College.
  • Job

    Started my new job in which I was happy and enjoyed doing. It was something that I could look forward to with taking care of my son.
  • college

    Day I started Davenport University.
  • Shower

    Had a baby shower for my soon to be baby girls arrival.
  • Daughter

    Is the day I had my second child a girl named Desia. My second bundle of joy.
  • Job

    Started a short term goal job as a home health aide.
  • Life

    I'm currently still in college for Nursing and raising my two children. At one point I stopped going to school and returned later in life.
  • Christmas

    Done with all my christmas shopping, I even got a little present for my two childrens teacher.
  • Plan

    First day of winter semester classes.
  • Plan

    Plans to start a LPN program at Oakland Riverview Institute.
  • Career

    I plan to graduate as a Registered Nurse with my Associates Degree.
  • Marriage

    This is the year I plan to have a husband.
  • Career and goals

    I plan to continue working as a Nurse and go to University of Detroit Mercy to become a Nurse Practioner.
  • Career and Graduation

    I plan to have graduated from Uof D Mercy and start my career as a Nurse Practioner.
  • Car

    Buying my son his first vehicle.
  • Plan

    This is the day I'm planning my son 16th birthdya party.
  • Continue

    I plan to keep working as a Nurse Practioner and enjoying my days of working.
  • Vacation

    Taking a trip to Paris.
  • Still

    I'm still in my career and going to work everyday.
  • Preparation

    Preparing for my sons High School Graduation.
  • Trip

    Going on a family trip.
  • Child

    Sending my son off to college at Michigan State.
  • Car

    Buying my daughter her first vehicle.
  • Birthday

    Planning my daughters sweet 16th birthday party.
  • Preparation

    Preparing for my daughter high school graduation.
  • Help

    Watching my son prepare to become a chef.
  • Watching

    I'm watching and guiding my daughter as she becomes a school teacher.
  • Grandkids

    Hopefully one or both of my children would give me grandkids so I can stay young and have someone to run after.
  • Retired

    I'm a retired Nurse Practioner who is full of life.
  • Trips

    Taking trips around the world as long as I want to and do lots of exploring and spending time with my family.
  • Relaxing

    This is where I have my house on the water and relax for the rest of my days with my family.
  • Death

    This is where I get to meet Jesus and leave my loved ones at the age of 116.