My and Tech

  • The day I was born

    The day I was born
    It was a fantastic way to end a summer for my Mum
  • Regular contac

    Regular contac
    As Regular child in my village, not much to do with tech.
  • The radio transmitter

    The radio transmitter
    This was a funny way to keep in touch with some of my friends.
  • Period: to

    The radio transmiter and reciver

    Is was the radio transmitter my father let me used to play. I spend hours trying to connect with others and speaking with some neighbour who had as well.
  • The FAX

    The FAX
    My bedroom was my father's office. Then my father used to had his tools in my bedroom,
    Can you picture me wake up at the age of 10 with the fax machine working the whole night? ;)
  • A PC in school

    A PC in school
    The first Pc I had ever touched. It was in my school. It was that kind of PC which needed a floppy disc to turn on.
    Maybe in that time I was touching that computer to do nothing but playing.
  • My first contact

    My first contact
    In a house of a friend of mine they were playing that old fashion machine, it was connected to black and white TV
  • Amstrad CPC 486

    Amstrad CPC 486
    That was the very first computer that I had in my own house.
    Only for games.
  • Sega mega drive 16-bit

    Sega mega drive 16-bit
    I remember saving money for two years to buy this machine , and after played a few months I lost all interest in it.
  • The contact with MS-DOS

    The contact with MS-DOS
    My very first time in which I knew the system, I was just playing with it.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    This year in high school I learnt how to use a real software.
  • My first PC and internet connection

    My first PC  and internet connection
    It was the first PC that got into my household,
    I can not use the phone and iinternet at the same time.
  • The summer and the cell phone

    The summer and the cell phone
    It was when I was in my summer holiday when my parent showed up with that gadget.
    Is curious because I remember my father telling me " do not go away with it", I can not understand, because all in all it was a cell phone to go away with it.
  • The text measges

    The text measges
    This way of communication was the only thing I can afford it

    It was my very first email at the same time that I created an MSN account, It was an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and rally helpful. If you did not have MSN you were Mr. Nnbody.
  • My own cell phone

    My own cell phone
    I was working in those days and that was my first phone which I had paid every month, of course, I lost my mind and my first recipe was a tremendous amount of money.
  • Forum

    I started to take part in some different forum, just to enjoying knowing people from all around the world.
  • My own PC

    My own PC
    Before that I was living with my parents and sisters, then when I bought my own flat I got my own PC
  • An other Phone

    An other Phone
    I remember when I acquire this Phone, I knew It was old when I bought and even It was a second-hand phone, but I loved it.
  • My first Gmail

    My first Gmail
    I my memory does not mistake I created a new e-mail, in this case in gmail.

    I sign up in this social network to make some practices in English and share experiences with others.
    I have hosted a few people in my house and it is a fantastic experience.
  • Smart phone

    Smart phone
    My firts Smart Phone

    My first contact with facebook becoming part of a triathlon team was the major reason.
    (Jose A Gómez Cortés)
  • Instagram

    I was not so involved in it.
  • My Youtube canal

    My Youtube canal
    Just in case!! I used to be much more doing things in this channel but I got tired a few years ago and delete everything.

    I had used it when I was in Chicago in 2013 since then I have used time to time.
    It is great way to travel and get cheaper host.
    Real houses with real people.
  • My lap top

    My lap top
    I acquire my tiny laptop to travel with no heavy devices at all.
  • To fly away

    To fly away
    I got into this social because my life is all about knowing and doing.
    I am planning to stay away in Summer learning from others and sharing my culture
  • Twitter

    The commands of a teacher in the University.
    Part of a master plan!!
  • It's About time to put the show in the road

    It's About time to put the show in the road
    Is is the day I decided to show a bit of my secret world.