The Life Of Classie Somerville

  • Concieved!

    Its my mom's birthday! And guess what? I was concieved. My mother spent this time listening to a lot of R&B music and ate a lot of watermellon. =)
  • The Birth Of A.C.Somerville

    Ashley Somerville was born to Marvin and Alice Somerville.
  • Catching Up!

    Mom said I just began to crawl. Compared to my cousins that were born this same year, she says Im beind.
  • Think Like A Big Kid

    My mom said that once I started to crawl I was on my way to the top.; of the stairs that is, then on top of furniture.
  • Milwaukee Sadness

    My mom and my dad started to fight a lot. My dad left the home and a child that was once quick witted is now, shy and dull.
  • Ouch!

    I was rushed to the hospital christmas nght! I cut my foot on my dads Miachel Jordan Picture after my parents began to fight. I attempted to avoid the shouting my hiding under a table but my toughts sent me towards more anguish.
  • Love Dont Live Here

    Mom and dad offically broke up. Sad times. I learned that having a child (me) couldnt keep mom and dad together.
  • PreSchool...Not Cool

    It was time to start preschool and I dreaded the thought. With the break up between my mom and dad I wasnt ready to talk to people. Begaging with the kids in my class was hard. By the age of 5 was friends with only my mom and close family that I couldnt see often.
  • Bikes for Tikes!

    I learned how to ride my bike! It wasnt easy, and it came at a time too far away from summer. But atleast ill be 6 years old and rollin' on wheels!
  • Pro Choice

    All my life I was taught that everyone shouldmake their own choices. I began my pro choice advocacy at 8 years old when my mom chose to marry the love of her life who happened to be a woman. I beleieve that the government should not say who we can and can not love and what ever happens to our sprits is a product of something high above.
  • LUP-What?

    My mom was diagnosed with Lupus. My facination with medicine has reached an all time high. I learned new ways to make the body feel better and developed knowledge about medicaions at a young age.
  • The New Year

    We're still alive! The world didnt end like the whole universe thought... Well, I guess I'll still have school tomorrow.
  • Tutuor Time

    I was unable to excell in the subject of math so i was given a math tutuor which heped me learn new ways to study and abosrb information.
  • Mother Natures Calling

    I got my first period. It hrurt so bad. I remember curling up on the steps and crying as my brother pretended like I didnt exsist. He stepped over me while i thought that I was dying due to the vaginal bleeding. Pretty funny now that I think about it
  • Finally a TEEN

    I Tutrned 13 years old. Not only am I a teen but my chores also increased! More dishes, why? well my mother taught me how to cook and clean.
  • Lights, Camera ACTION

    I joined the play production team in my middle school. I engaged in acting classes and art classes to develop sets for plays.
  • Goodbye Midde School. Hello High School.

    Many things happened in the summer of 2004. Besides my graduation. I grew into a woman. I started my menstral cycle, and I also learned how to swim. In the mist of that i spent a lot of time with friends dveloping my strength. I was looking forward to being on the track team.
  • Double Wammy!

    Its the first day of High school, and while I was getting ready for class I got the phone call saying my grandmother passed away. Sad time for me and my family.
  • Varsity!

    My 9th grade year I made the Varsity track and field team!
  • I'm Officially Missing You

    My cousin Victor Johns was murdered by a police officer. I fell into a deep depression afterwards. He acted as my father figure throughout my life and it devestated me to read about his murder.
  • New Move

    I was kick out of Crestwood high school and forced to attend Garden City High. I lost all my friends. I was extreamly sad and upset I had to start my high school life over from Scratch.
  • Not so sweet 16

    I spent my sweet 16 plus two extra months in the hospital I had an infection that spread from my stomach to my ovaries. The wrost experience ever!
  • Is It Love?

    Its my 17th birthday and I met my first love. His name "Daniel"
  • Graduation

    Im officially a High School Grad!
  • Welcome Hayden

    The birth of my first chid.
  • Not The Big C

    My mother was dianosed with stgae 4 lung cancer. The fight to stay strong begins
  • Prediction: I will be a college graduate

    I am a 26 year old with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.
  • Goverment Official

    I have a new job working int he VA Hospital
  • Moving On

    Moving to Texas to start a new life
  • My Wedding Day

    Me and the father of my daughter wed in a beautiful outdoor ceremony
  • Its Over

    I Outlive The Entire Family! I die from natural causes.