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Amanda Meyer's Timeline

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development and Birth

    This would be from around the time of conception until the time of my birth.
  • My parents found out they were expecting a baby

    On my brother's first birthday!
  • Parents found out they were haing a girl

    Meanwhile, I am getting bigger
  • Took my "first road trip"

    When my mother was 7 mo. along the family took a road trip to Alabama to visit family.
  • My first Birthday

    I was born at around 8 pm at Hutzel Hospital in Detroit Michigan
  • Period: to

    First two years

    Learning through biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial events
  • Took my first steps

    I was walking at 10 mo. and my family was impressed :)
  • Said my first words "mama"

  • My first time going to Camp Dearborn

    The family went to Camp Dearborn every year until I was 14. We always stayed in tent i9.
  • My first Birthday party!

  • Went to Camp Dearbron

  • Learned to ride a big wheel

  • My mother teught me ABC's

  • First time on a plane

    We flew down to Alabama to see family
  • Tripped and fell,got 6 stiches in my head

  • Went to Camp Dearborn

  • Went to Preschool at Volney Smith and did not adjust well

    My mother said that I was a naughty little girl, I cried and did not want to stay.
  • Broke my arm

    I was rolling down the hill by my house.
  • Went to Camp Dearborn

  • Went to Camp Dearborn

  • My dog spike ran away

    He was afraid of fire works.
  • My first birthday party with my little friends!

  • Started Kintergarden at Roosevelt Elementary

    I was in the morning class and my teacher played the piano.
  • Went to Camp Dearborn

  • Went to Alabama

  • Accepted Jesus as my savior when were in Alabame

  • Guess what...went to Camp Dearborn

  • Went to Cedar Pointe

  • Went to Camp Dearborn

  • Went to Sparkies Palace for my Birthday

  • Went to on a Disney Cruise--and spent some time in Disney World

    The happiest place on earth!
  • Went to Camp Dearborn

  • Went to Ceasar Land for my birthday party

  • Went to las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

    We were supposed to come back on the 22nd, but our plane was delayed and I missed my 10th birthday party.
  • Went to the YMCA for my birthday party

  • Started Junior High School at Hilbert

    It was pretty terrifying!
  • Drove down to Golf Shores, Alabama

    Partly to see family, partly to relax at the beach
  • Roosevelt Elementary closed down and all 6th graders started Junior High

  • Got baptized at Silvery Lane Baptist Church

  • Twin Towers were target of terrorist attack

    I can remember being in the gym at Hilbert junior high school when I heard what happened.
  • Played volleyball for Hilbert

  • Played basketball for Hilbert

  • Played volleyball for Hilbert

  • Played softball for Hilbert

  • Played basketball for Hilbert

  • Started High School at Redford Union High School

  • Played volleyball for Redford Union High School

  • Met the guy who would soon become my husband

  • Went on vacation to Jamaica with mom and brother, Angelo

  • Starting working at the Dairy Queen

  • Got Engaged!!

  • Went to Camp Victory in Kentucky

  • Started my new Christian School at Silvery Lane Baptist Church

  • Began dating Jonathan (now my husband)

  • Went to Florida with my friend Anna and my family

  • Sweet 16!!!

  • Got my driver's liscense

  • Went on a Missions Trip to Saltillo Mexico

  • Went to St. Thomas

    Went with my mother and Angelo
  • My brother graduated from high school.

  • My brother moved out of the house!

    He went to IN to go to school.
  • My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer

  • Quit at DQ

  • Graduated from Lansing Baptist High School

  • Had my open house at a park in Plynouth

    It rained in the morning but turned out to be a beautiful day!
  • Went to Acapulco, Mexico with family

  • Started school at SchoolCraft College

  • Obtained Certificate in Medical Billing/Reception

  • My dad passed away

  • Got Married!!!

  • Decided to go to school for nursing

  • Started New job at Co-op Services Credit Union

  • Went to Frankenmuth for 1st Anniversary

  • Went to Jamica for our HoneyMoon!

  • Went on a Central American Cruise

  • Get accepted into U of M nursing program

  • Graduate from nursing program with a BSN

  • Got a job at U of M Hospital

  • Got a new Jeep!

  • Find out we are having a baby

  • Had twins, Braydan and Noah

  • Had a baby girl named Mia

  • Went to Italy for our 10 year anniversary

  • Began remodeling our home

  • Was promoted to head nurse at U of M

  • Finish the remodel on our home

  • Got cosmetic surgery

  • Had a great big family reunion in kentucky

  • Son, Brayden got married

  • Got into a car accidnet, but we are okay

  • Daughte, Mia got married

  • Son, Noah got married

  • had a big 50 Celebration!!

  • Had our first grandchild

  • Retired from U of M

  • Our son becomes a missionary to Brazil

  • Invented some kind of hat that helps with migraine headaches

  • Jonathan and I take a missions trip to visit our son

  • Went on a 50 year Anniversary vacation

  • Died my hair for the first time.

  • Went on a Susan G. walk

  • My husband and I die at age 89 holding hands (like on the note book)