My life as Gaby

  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born in a shiny Sunday of February 28, a little bit before time, because I was a preterm baby with only 6 months of gestation.
  • Period: to

    my short life!!

  • cereal

    I eat my first cereal with spoon when I was only 10 days old, because I was a preterm baby I was so skinny.
  • Pamela

    My aunt Pamela was born, she is my dad`s sister, she has been my parttner always, because we seem like sisters when we were smaller.
  • My baptism

    My baptism
    My mom secide to baptize me. My godmother was Graciela, the best friend of my mother, and my godfather was Jose, the best friend of my dad. In that time they were boyfriends but unfortunately they dont had a happy ending she go by her way and he also did.
  • Skull fracture

    Skull fracture
    I fell off a second level of the house of my grandmother and I fractured my skull. There was no internal injury.
  • My first day of school

    My first day of school
    My first year of school in Pequeñitos, I remember perfectly when I entered to the bus and I didn´t want to leave my mom, but soon I became a school lover, there i met many of my friends that still are my school mates like Guillermo, Francisco, Marie, Leslie Raul and Myrna.
  • Curls

    I used to have very curley hair, but my mom decided to cut it because when I come back from school I was a complete mess, my hair was a sponge! since there I haven`t see my cuerls! jajaja
  • Disney

    My first trip to Disney world with my grandparents, this event tought me the importance of beliving in dreams!
  • Death of my uncle Pepe

    Death of my uncle Pepe
    My mom's brother die because an accident in his motorcycle, I was very little but now a days I learn to apreciate my life because we only have one.
  • My grandpa's stroke

    My grandpa's stroke
    My grandfather had two strokes this taught me that you have a family that supports you and loves you no matter what circumstance.
  • where are my tonsils?

    where are my tonsils?
    I had many respiratory problems, I used to be sick and with asma, so my doctor decided to remove my tonsils, since they were removed I never had this problems agai.

    i travel to disney again but at this time i went only with my parents, we went to all the theme parks, i loved it!
  • Bicycle

    I learn who to ride a bike, I was 7 yeasr old, the boss of my mother taught me because he was a very good friend of the fammily. After I learn he give me a bicycle as a gift of my 8th. birthday.
  • CHILE!!

    I have the opportunity to go to live to Chile because my father got a scholarship of reproductive medicine so I live there 4 years and I learn to make friens and be oppen minded.

    I met snow and I lear how to sky
  • Argentina "let´s dance TANGO"

    Argentina "let´s dance TANGO"
    I went to one of my favorite places, that I have visited in my life, that is Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since I lived in Chile at that time I take advantage that Argentina was so close so we visit Buenos Aires, the capital, and Mendoza, a mauntain range village. There the things I like the most were the dance of Tango, the Boca Juniors stadium and a little village called "caminito". I visited it with my parents and my grandmother.
  • Santiago was born!

    Santiago was born!
    My brother Santiago born!!!! I love him and I take care of him. His name is Santiago because he was born in Santiago de Chile.He was born when I was 11 years old. Before he born I used to ask for him or for a sister, so I love him before he was born.
  • My firt communion

    My firt communion
    I do my firt communion with my school in Chile, Blas Cañas, it was a catholic school, there was were I learned to pray and to be closest to God.
  • Come back

    Come back
    I return to Guatemala, I began my last elementary school year in Centro Escolar Kyool, my school since I was 5, where my first best friends were! :)
  • My best friend!

    My best friend!
    Ximena become my best friend that year, with her I have lived many moments that i will never forget.
  • Another stroke :(

    Another stroke :(
    Unfortunately my gandpa had another stroke, but thanks God nothing serious, I learn the importance of marriage because my grandma take care of him every single day with a lot of love, she is never tired, never borred, she show me what is real love.
  • Boyfriend

    I had my first boyfriend!! We only last one weekend :s Now a days I definitely think it wasn´t real love! it was a childs game where my felling was only ilusion.
  • High school

    High school
    I began high school in Kyool, so I began to worry about my grades and think in University and what would I want in my life.
    I began to considered medicine as an option.
  • Perfect teeth???

    Perfect teeth???
    The dentist told me that I would use braces :o So i used the braces like for 3 years because my jaw was in a wrong position and it was a slow and painfulprocess correcting it.
  • Sweet 15

    Sweet 15
    I turn 15, my dad celebrate it with my family and my best frien Ximena, I learn how to choose friends, know who were true friends and who were not! My gift was my mac :)
  • Catholic confirmation

    Catholic confirmation
    I confirmate myself as a catholic person, I belive in Jesus and in catholic church. My confirmation godmother was my aunt Michelle,the sister of my mom!
  • Death of my grate grand mother

    My grate grand mother die, she wa 93, i saw her twice a year so it wasn´t so difficult, she was an exemplary mother very prodent and perceverant!

    My parents, brother and I went to Georgia, Atlanta, there I visit Cocacola world, the seacuarium, and the zoo I learn a lot.

  • 18!!

    I turn 18! Now I am an adult, I considered myself a very mature women with very high expectatives and established goals. As a gift I traveled to Orlando at Jule with my best friends.
  • Girls @ Orlando

    Girls @ Orlando
    I went to Orlando with Ximena and Italy! it was so fun!!

    My family and I went to Denver Colorado, we went to the invescofield to saw football there wer BRONCOS vs green bay packers.