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My Life

By asier97
  • My birthday

    I was born in a rainy day of February in 1997. My parents for first time wanted a boy.
  • A new site to live

    Our flat was small for a family of 3 so we bought another flat near the old one.
  • First day at school

    First day at school
    I started my student life with two years at Vda. de Epalza public school.
  • Period: to


  • A new baby

    My sister Idoia's birthday. My parents always wanted to have a son and a daughter.
  • First look at primary

    With 6 years I started primary at the same school Vda. de Epalza.
  • Period: to


  • Music

    I started to study music and to play the clarinet at a private music school.
  • My first communion

    I did my first communion at my neighborhood church with my school friends.
  • Giants

    I started in a comparsa named Ondalan, we dance with the erraldoiak eta kilikiak in diferent villages of Euskal Herria.
  • Goodbye Tiboli

    In this day we did the Agurra at Vda. de Epalza for the passed 10 years there.
  • My grandpa's death

    My grandpa was dead on my mothers birthday few days before I started in Begoñazpi.
  • A restart

    A restart
    I started DBH at Begoñazpi ikastola with my friend Joseba that came from Tiboli.
  • Period: to


  • Surfing

    I started doing surf at Sopelana's beach, this is a sport that I proved many years ago.
  • The final countdown

    I started 1st Bachiller at Begoñazpi that was the start of the final etape at the center.
  • Period: to


  • The last and worst year

    I sarted 2nd bachiller at Begoñazpi ikastola, the last year in this center and the most dificult.
  • An old boy

    I did 18 years and I was happy because I was near to take the driving license.
  • The worst moment comes

    I finished 2nd Bachiller and i had 2 weeks to preparate selectivity.
  • Selectivity

    My future was depended with this prove.
  • Adult time preparation

    Adult time preparation
    I entered to the army to be an official and at the same moment I was at university doing criminology and laws.
  • Period: to

    Army and university

  • Firts mision

    I was destinated with amy other soldiers to afghanistan as NATO assistant.
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Peace time

  • A new home

    With the money that I got from the 5 years in Afghanistan and the money that I was getting for join the army I bought a little hause near Madrid.
  • My marriage

    My marriage
    I was married in a church in the center of Madrid with a girl that I met when I moved to Madrid.
  • Honeymoon

    New married we went to NY on christmas.
  • A baby

    My wife was pregnant.
  • The last mision

    China was against the NATO and started a new war, so I was sended to China with my team to help at war. I had to let my pregnant wife alone in Madrid.
  • Period: to


  • The baby was born

    The baby was born
    When I was on China my first baby was born. It was a boy so we named he Ander. Few days latter I went to Madrid to see my son for first time and then I went to China again.
  • Goodbye army

    Goodbye army
    During my mission in China I was near to die a lot of times so I thought on my family and I let the army.
  • Antiterrorist

    As I had the criminology and laws title I used my contacts from the army to enter on the brigade antiterrorist of the national police. It was a dangerous job but it wasn't the same than the army.
  • Period: to

    Antiterrorist brigade of the police department

    At this etape of my life I did several missions over the country for the police.
  • 2nd baby

    2nd baby
    We had another baby, this one was a girl and we put her the name Oihane.
  • The idea

    The idea
    As I was getting old I got an idea to save money to buy at the future a ranch in Alabama to pass the last years of my life working with the nature with my wife. And to start with I bought a tipical american pick-up, a Ford F-150.
  • End of a life

    End of a life
    I was killed by terrorists in an incursion to a terrorist base in Melilla.