Real madrid wallpaper

Undefeated Soldier

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on July 13th in a Magdalena Hospital of Barrancabermeja.
  • Family Happiness

    Family Happiness
    My family was happy because of my birth.
  • About My Family

    About My Family
    My dad and my mom are parents of two children. One of them is my brother Romario, who is six years older than me, I am the youngest son of the whole family.
  • Period: to

    My Chilhood

    All my childhood was amazing. I used to play with my parents and friends. I was able to run at neighborhood. It had the ability to play soccer, so I began to play at Club Infantas and started my carreer as a socer player.
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    I am Madridista and Verdolaga from the cradle to the drawer.
  • My Baptism

    My Baptism
    I was in the Sacred Heart of Jesus church with all my family.
  • My First Steps

    My First Steps
    Before turning two years old, start walking without anyone's help. My whole family was amazed.
  • My First Halloween

    My First Halloween
    It was a special time, because I disguised myself as a family so I could order sweets at home.
  • Period: to

    Description Of My Elementary School

    It was a time full of madness, for the first time in the fifth grade, we won interclasses. Everything was easy and fast. At that time I had my first girlfriend at school in the third grade
  • My School Life

    My School Life
    In this year, I started to study in elementary school.
  • My First Joy

    My First Joy
    I started training soccer at the Infantas Club. In that same period of time we won the first municipal championship, beating "Pumas del centro" 4-2 on the court the cotraeco.
  • My First Trip To The Sea

    My First Trip To The Sea
    It was a special emotion. For the first time I would go to the coast, to enjoy the beaches with my family.
  • My First Love

    I had met the girl in my eyes, which through letters made her fall in love and we started a relationship.
  • My First Day Of The Candles

     My First Day Of The Candles
    I was in Medellin at this time, I placed the candles with my aunt and my mother
  • My First Time In High School

    We were all excited to continue studying and be the best group in the whole school.
  • Period: to

    Description Of My High School

    It is an unforgettable time, despite all the problems they bring you. After so many girlfriends, so many falls, so many laughs you can know the true meaning of life and from the values ​​to face everything that comes before.
  • Two Words "Real Madrid"

    Two Words "Real Madrid"
    In this year, I was privileged to see the long-awaited tenth champions league of the best team in the world.
  • My Second Joy

    My Second Joy
    We were in the final after beating Proviclub 2-1. We were the team that nobody thought would win, we were so focused that we thought we were in a stadium. I was a tournament goalscorer, but I had a mortal enemy ahead of me. Thanks to teamwork we won the championship, and I finished top scorer.
  • Failed Hope

    Failed Hope
    It was a moment of sadness, to see the degree to celebrate in the face the trophy of champions is something that has no forgiveness.
  • First Consecutive Champions

     First Consecutive Champions
    The virus began, better known as "ZZ". Zinedine Zidane hand merengue club got its undecima champions league. I was lucky not to lose for the second time the champions, obtained by the best club in the world.
  • Continental Dream

    Continental Dream
    I had the privilege of seeing a continental final of the best team of Colombia, it was a special celebration, for the second time atletico nacional won his second Copa Libertadores de America. Returning to the world top of soccer.
  • Second Consecutive Champions

     Second Consecutive Champions
    The "ZZ" virus was still standing. In charge of the technician Frances the meringues got their twelfth champions league. Luckily the party was when we were already on vacation mid-year.
  • The Woman Of My Dreams

     The Woman Of My Dreams
    Jessica is the woman I will never forget. She has been an inscription for me, after my mom. She has always been in my worst moments and I will never forget her. And as the cacique said: "There may be more women than her, they can exist in this world, but she is the queen"
  • Third Consecutive Champions

    Third Consecutive Champions
    Real Madrid makes history. He won his third consecutive championship, it was a great happiness, since he expanded his dominance in world soccer.
  • Mortal Fear "Icfes"

    It was time to demonstrate everything that was done. With God's favor I will get a good result in the Icfes test.
  • I'm legend

     I'm legend
    My name is Cristian, I have seventeen years old and I am a legend.