My life

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    My Life

  • I was a Sick Baby!

    My mom said I cried all the time as a baby. I would cry when she gave me a bath and even harder when she put lottion on me. Truns out I had holes under my armpits from not having enough room to grow in my moms stomach. I was almost ten pounds and very long. The doctor said, Put her arms over her head to let the holes heal.
  • Allergy Reaction

    Allergy Reaction
    I was often sick as a baby when I was a year old I was so sick I had to be hosiptalized. The doctor gave me a shot of penicillin. I swell up so bad my mom said she couldnt even see my eyes for my face was too fat. I was red rashed and my mom said I looked like a big fat red tomato. She was scared to death as I could have died.
  • I am a big sister

    I am a big sister
    My baby brother was born. David Brian Mullinax
  • Mom and Dad split

    I remember my father coming to pick me, my brother, and my mom up to move to Alabama. However my father made a bad choice and it cost him his family. This was hard for my mom but my Granny was around to help out. I missed my dad but had my Mom and my Granny.
  • Baby Returning Back to His Father

    My brother died at the age of two.An accidental death. Gun shot wound to the head. I was five years old and only remeber bits and pieces of what happened. R.I.P sweet angle David Brian Mullinax you are very much missed!!
  • My Sster was Born

    My Sster was Born
    I remember seeing my sister Megan for the first time. She looked like a porcelain doll with big ears. I said, look my she has my ears. As I have been refered to as dumbo in the past.
  • New start

    Day we finally got away from a bad situation and moved to Canton tostart our new life. We started oou only having my bed to sleep on but slowy and surly my mom climed her way back up to the top again. I love you Mom!
  • Baptized as a child

    Baptized as a child
    I was baptized at 12 years old. Was saved just a few months before on a church bus. At the time I thought I knew what it meant but not until I got older did I really understand GOdfs gift of salvastion.
  • The day I Broke my Arm.

    The day I Broke my Arm.
    I was a tomboy and very competitive! One of the boys I hung out with all the time beat me at everything. I was so determinded to beat him at who could jump the furthest off the swing. I pushed so hard I was going as high as the bar. I thought If I jumped off at the top I would go really far. Turns out you go straight up and then straight down, My arm broke my fall. From all that pressure my ulna bone popped out of my elbow. I had to have surgery and now I have two screws in my arm for life,
  • Turn around achivment award

    My teacher Lynn Sandman presented me with this award as i was failing 9th in with the wrong crowed and making bad choices with her help and support from my peers I turned myself around. I was very proud of myself this day.
  • Class of 2001

    Class of 2001
    yay I did it!! I made my mother very proud this day.
  • My First Born.

    My First Born.
    The day my first son was born. A day when I almost lost everything, to a day where I gained everything. There was a lot of complication during the delivery we both almost died however we pulled through and gaind life time of happiness.
  • Scariest day of my life

    Scariest day of my life
    My three week old baby needed to have surgery to help him breath. My oldest son Austin had to have a tracheotomy. I was so scared unsure if my baby was going to pull trhough. Ive never been more terffied.
  • My Second Son was Born

    My Second Son was Born
    My beautiful baby boy was healthy weighing in at seven pounds and nine ounces. I cried uncontrobly when he was first born and placed into my arms.
  • The Sadest Day of my Life

    The Sadest Day of my Life
    My Granny pretty much raised me. We lost an amazing woman that day to cancer. She was one of the kindest, God loving, strongest women I have ever known.
  • Publicly showing my Love for God

    Publicly showing my Love for God
    I got baptized with my cousin and my first born son Austin. We where babtised in the pond in fromt of my church Northridge with houndreds of others that day.
  • 1st day Preschool

    1st day Preschool
    My little boy Evans first day of preschool! So proud of you buddy!!
  • The Day Two Became One

    The Day Two Became One
    Well worth the wait. I knew God had someone special instore for me.
  • Mommy is So Proud!!

    Mommy is So Proud!!
    Watching my Austin walk across the stage to get his diploma
  • R.I.P Dad

    R.I.P Dad
    You fought hard Dad! Now rest and be with God. I love you and always will remeber all the good times fishing playing cards and when you tried to teach me to drive a stick shift. R.I.P no more pain just peace.
  • Congratulations Son Class of 2029

    Congratulations Son Class of 2029
    I always knew you could do it Love!! Evan you are amazing and so smart i know you will go far in life!!!
  • My first Sons Wedding

    My first Sons Wedding
    My first son married his bestfriend this day. Tears of happyness rolled down my cheeks as I gave my son away to his wife.
  • Proud Grandmother

    Proud Grandmother
    holding my grandbaby for the first time brings back a flood of memories from the first moment I held my boys in my arms for the first time.
  • My Babies Wedding Day

    My Babies Wedding Day
    My baby boy is all grown up and starting a new life with the love of his life.
  • Day My Grandaughter Was Born.

    Seeing to look on my youngs sons face as he held his little girl was the most amazing feeling ever. You are truly loved little one!
  • The day I lost my Mother to cancer

    The day I lost my Mother to cancer
    This was the saddest and happiest day of my life. I will miss you so much Mom but I know it was time to move on from this place and go and give Granny a hug and brother Brian. Tell them how much I love them and soon will be holding them in my arms as well.
  • The day I go to Heaven

    The day I go to Heaven
    The day I predict I will die from on going cancer and its no april fools joke. Ill be seventy years old but still with it enough to be in surgery. Trying a new procdure that is suppose to rid me of the cancer cells all together, but unknowing that this surgery would be my last.