Personal Timeline By Kyra Sheffer

By Maybe_
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on April 2nd, 2000 at 12:38am. i was held in by my mom because she didn't want me to be born on April Fools Day. I was born 1 month prematurly. I had an oxygen defficiency and had to be kept in an incubator for observation. My mom, dad, and family didn't get to hold me until about 3 days after i was born. My brother, Steven, was in the hospital as well due to him catching a bad case of the chicken pocks. I was born in Wheatridge, Colorado on a snowy spring day.
  • Period: to

    Timeline My Life

    My life has been a whirl of twists and turns and plot twists. Its been a good ride so far but i think i have a long long way to go. In the future, I don't know what's gonna happen, the only way to find out is to live it. Or go to a medium, but i don't have money for that yet haha. ^_^
  • My 1st Birthday

    My 1st Birthday
    On my first birthday, i got my first lego set, my first barbie, and many more things i probably still have. Although, i still, to this day, feel sorry/not sorry because i ripped all the limbs off the barbie, trying to defend myself because i thought it was creepy. Also, my mom had to make 2 cakes, one for me, and one for the rest of the guests because i shoved my hands in the first one and by the end of my cake session, i had cake all over my face.
  • First Day of Pre-k

    First Day of Pre-k
    My first day of pre-k, i was bawling when my mom took me to school because i thought she was giving me away haha. i sat in the corner all day and wouldn't leave and wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't talk until my mom got there. When she got there i ran and jumped into her arms and was so happy to see her, and it was like that every day for almost a month and a half.
  • Moving to Arizona!

    Moving to Arizona!
    When we moved to Arizona, i had just turned 4 in April and i barely remember my gramma, my aunt, and my cousin. When we got there i was really shy but immediatly clicked with my gramma. My Gramma and i are super close and i can tell her anything.
  • Moving Into My Home of 10 Years!

    Moving Into My Home of 10 Years!
    So we lived with my Gramma, my Aunt, and my older Cousin for a few months and then moved into the house that i grew up in. I started kindergarden a the next year after my 5th birthday in August 2005. I really miss my old house, so many memories were made there and i wish we could've stayed.
  • 1st Day of Swim Lessons

    1st Day of Swim Lessons
    I started swim lessons at Hamilton High School when i was 5 at the Hamilton pool. My cousin and i would go everyday. My gramma would take us and i still, to this day, can not jump in a pool without plugging my nose.
  • New Family Member!

    My older cousin, Chris, moved in with us after having some family problems with his mom. This turned out to be a bad situation later on for my parents.
  • I Get Diagnosed With ADD

    I Get Diagnosed With ADD
    When i was younger i started having trouble focusing and paying attention. I would get distracted very easily and way too much. I started seeing a Psychiatrist and am still currently taking ADD pills.
  • 5 Idiodically Amazing Boys.

    5 Idiodically Amazing Boys.
    Watch One Direction's Video "Drag Me Down" One Direction. The Biggest boy band in the world, stole my heart in 2010. It was probably one of the best days of my life. The days that all my favourite bands formed were some of the best days of my life.
  • Car Accident! >~<

    Car Accident! >~<
    I was in 5th grade and i had gotten hit by a car while riding my bike to school. I still have problems with my knee and my back. it took me about a month to fully recover.
  • 4 More Idiodically Amazing Boys.

    4 More Idiodically Amazing Boys.
    Watch 5SOS!! 5 Seconds of Summer is an amazing australian band that made their fame by playing gigs in local clubs and bars and then went on to tour with One Direction as their intro act, which plays before One Direction goes on.
  • I Meet My Best Friend.

    I Meet My Best Friend.
    Brooke Schuessler is my online friend. she is my sister, partner in crime, my soul mate. She makes me the happiest ive ever been. She was born on October 10th, 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri. I have never met her in person, but i will soon. ^_^
  • Starting Jr. High

    Starting Jr. High
    Well it was a big struggle. Going from class to class and making it before the bell, especially when your class is on the other side of the campus from your current one.
  • Big Family Shock /.\

    Big Family Shock /.\
    Well this moment in history was a time that had kinda thrown me off track. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a week before this date but she said she wanted to wait until my cousin and I's winter break before she told us. I kinda feel bad that i didn't cry about it at first. But i was kind of numb..i guess.
  • Moving Day!

    Moving Day!
    On this day, my family and i moved out of the house i had grown so attached to and moved to an even smaller on about 3 miles away from the school.

  • My First Concert!

    My first concert was a local Arizonan band called Never Let This Go. One of the band members had actually just graduated from Gilbert high school in May of 2014.
  • Coming Out...

    Coming Out...
    It was a little hard at first, just coming out at school and not being able to be honest with my family. But when i fially did, it didn't really change anything when my mom said "I know."
  • The Pot of Gold Festival!

    The Pot of Gold Festival!
    The Pot of Gold Festival was a mixture of about 10 bands and only 2 of them i knew. i went with my now EX-friend Bethany and thouroughly regret going with her. Fallout Boy was the last band to play and i actually hung out with the members of Never Let This Go in the crowd and ended up with a busted lip, a black eye, and a concussion from a mosh pit.
  • Worst Birthday Ever...

    It was my 15th birthday and My cousin and Parents had gotten into yet another fight while my friends were there and my parents kicked my older cousin out and i ended up staying the night at my friend Natalie's house.
  • I'm Diagnosed With Depression & Anxiety

    I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. Pretty much self explanitory and reasons why are personal..
  • New Family Member Becomes a Stranger...

    So Chris moved out a while back and went to live with his mom again. He is still attending High School and will graduate in 2017.
  • Newest Family Member!

    My Uncle Dan came to live with us so he could be closer to his daughter who lives about 1-2 hours away from us, depending on traffic.
  • Getting a Cell Phone!

    I got a cell phone because i got good grades ^_^
  • I MEET BROOKE IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG I'M SO EXCITED I ALREADY BOUGHT THE TICKETS AND IT'S LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY NOW OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness i love her so much.