Andrea Logan's Timeline!

  • Birthday

    Born in Royal Oak MI to Kathy and Doug Logan
  • Increase in Size!

    I weighed 15 lbs by now
  • Walking

    Took first step!
  • Big Move

    Moved to Illinois
  • Potty-Trained

    Used the toilet by myself after 24 months
  • Play Time

    I actively played with my older brother Justin during this time. He is three years older than me.
  • Birth of Baby Brother

    My little brother Eric was born September 11th
  • Bike Riding

    I started to ride a tricycle at age three.
  • Dress Up

    I played dress up all the time with princess clothes and fun shoes
  • Shoes

    I was able to put my shoes on the correct feet and was beginning to master tying shoelaces as well by this point.
  • School

    I started Kindergarten, where I traveled to school and rode the bus alone
  • Another Big Move

    Moved back to Michigan!
  • Teeth

    Lost my first tooth by age six
  • First Birthday party

    I invited all of my friends from first grade

    I started taking karate lessons in an elementary school gym. I was the best of the class. To this day, there is only one other girl that started 13 years ago with me.
  • First Big Trip

    We took a plane to DisneyWorld in Florida

    After 4 1/2 long years of hard training, I finally obtain the prestigious rank of black belt in Tang Soo Do!
  • First Concert!

    My mom got me tickets to see 93.1 DRQ Groovy Heat Rave. My mom and I had the best time ever! It was at DTE Energy Theater
  • Junior High Youth Group

    I started to get really involved with church. After following in my brother's footsteps, I began my journey through youth group.
  • First School Sport

    I played for the "A" team volleyball team in middle school
  • Confirmed in my Religion

    I was confirmed Presbyterian in Rosedale Gardens Church, after a year of studying faith and making choices
  • Major Accident

    I tore my ACL in my left knee in a skiing accident
  • Surgery

    I had my ACL repaired 2 months after the accident
  • Second Degree Black Belt

    After an amazing two years learning all new karate cirriculum, I obtain the awesome rank of Second Degree Black Belt

    Freshman year..starting off right!
  • First Boyfriend!

    Casey was the love of my life, at 15 years old =-)
  • Another Accident

    Tore my other ACL in the right knee in a karate accident!
  • I can drive!

    Took my road exam and passed!
  • Surgery No. 2

    Got things repaired for the second time!
  • Father's Death

    My dad died of brain cancer after a 9 month battle

    After 3 years from receiving my second degree, I receive my current of 3rd degree black belt. One more test and I'm a master!

    Graduated high school....Finally!
  • First year of College

    Traveled to Grand Valley for Freshman year
  • Car Accident!

    I rolled my brother's Jeep Wrangler 6 times on the freeway when there was snow on the ground. I managed to walk away with minimal injuries. I was so lucky that day
  • End of Freshman Year

    Left Grand Valley and signed up for Scraft and WSU
  • First Major Job

    Got hired at State Farm Insurance from a friend and worked as receptionist and administrative assistant
  • Leaving home For Good

    I moved out of my mom's house to live with my boyfriend. I live only 10 minutes away from her.
  • *Future* Hubby's new business venue

    My husband opens a third karate school and business is GREAT
  • Love of my life

    Three years together on this date!
  • *Future* FIRST HOUSE!

    My boyfriend and I moved into our first home together in Garden City.
  • *Future* Acceptance into PT School

    I start a vigorous program to become a physical therapist. This will take me 3 1/2 years to complete
  • *Future* ENGAGED!

    My boyfriend asks me to marry him! I say YES! =-)
  • *Future* Married!

    We got married in Fiji!
  • *Future* GRADUATION

    I have finally completed all of the requirements for becoming a physical therapist. I'm already lined up with a job.
  • *Future* BIG TRIP

    My husband, John, and I took a 2 week long cruise in Alaska! It was beautiful.
  • *Future* First baby!

    Our first child was born at 6:45am
  • *Future* Second Child!

    Our second child was born 10:34 pm. Healthy!
  • *Future* Kids Start School!

    My oldest starts kindergarten this year
  • *Future* Open my own Clinic

    I have been practicing PT for many years and have finally decided to open my own practice.
  • *Future*

    I'm getting sued for someone becoming injured at my practice.
  • *Future* My mother Passes away

    My mom dies at age 70. My family is riddled with health problems, so I must maintain good health.
  • *Future* Kids are starting high school!

    My oldest child is in high school now and my youngest is starting middle school. They get so big fast!
  • *Future* Diagnosed with Cancer

    I am diagnosed with breast cancer, which I fight very hard
  • *Future* Battling on..

    ..And winning. No more cancer!
  • *Future* Children go into College!

    My oldest is ready. Just got accepted to Harvard because she's a genius! =-)
  • *Future* Child Graduates from college!

    After 5 long years, my eldest child has finally graduated!
  • *Future* Trip of a Lifetime!

    I take a huge trip to Africa to take pictures of the African animals
  • *Future*

    Wedding! For my oldest child!
  • *Future* RETIREMENT!

    It is time for me to retire. After many years of careful planning, I am able to afford to stop working
  • *Future* I'm a Grandma!

    It's a baby girl!
  • *Future* Death of Husband

    My husband is older than me, so it is to be expected that he should die before me.
  • *Future* Depression Sets in

    I hate to live without my husband. My children are all grown up and I feel alone.
  • *Future* Community Involvement

    I decide it's time to get active with my community. I start visiting with people more, I do more outside, I volunteer in soup kitchens, and other activities around town. My spirits are much higher because of this. I even joined a knitting club!
  • *Future* Driving privileges taken away from me

    I have gotten into one too many car crashes in my old age. They have finally decided to revoke my driver's license, with good reason! I can't see!
  • *Future* My final move

    I have decided to live in Canada, where we would visit during all my childhood years. My father's ashes and mom's ashes were scattered here and I'd like my final resting place here as well. I want my children to come visit this place like I did growing up.
  • *Future* My passing

    My anticipated date of death will occur in 2077 based on my life expectancy quiz results, unless I tweek a couple things in my current lifestyle.