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About Me

  • Birth

    I was born in Mason City, Iowa. I was born three weeks early.
  • First time sitting up

    First time sitting up
    The first time I sat up
  • First Halloween

    First Halloween
    This was my first Halloween ever.
  • First Christmas

    First Christmas
    My first Christmas ever
  • First Easter and around the time of my first steps.

    First Easter and around the time of my first steps.
    My first Easter. That was almost around the time of my first steps. That means I started walking before I was one.
  • First Birthday

    First Birthday
    I turned one and was small for my age.
  • 2 Years Old

    2 Years Old
    I turned 2
  • Three years old

    Three years old
    I turned 3! I had a sliver that day and was wearing one of my favorite dresses.
  • Turning 4

    Turning 4
    When I turned 4! Super excited.
  • Christmas

    I love Christmas
  • Super Bowl Party

    Super Bowl Party
    We hosted a super bwl party and while the game was going the kids were watching Mary Popins.
  • 5, my golden Birthday

    5, my golden Birthday
    My fifth birthday was my golden birthday. I was going to start school!
  • Easter

    Easter Yay!!!
  • Licorace challenge

    Licorace challenge
    At one of my birthday parties we had a licorace challenge and it was lots of fun.
  • We got chicks

    We got chicks
    We got some chicks and I was scared to hold them so I had my brother hold it for me.
  • Baseball

    I was in baseball when I was younger and had a lot of fun.
  • The Parade

    The Parade
    I was in a parade riding in the back of my Grandpa's old truck.
  • First day of school!!!

    First day of school!!!
    It was the first day of school and my back-pack had wheels.
  • Science fair!

    Science fair!
    My brother, cousin, and I evtered our chickens into the school science fair. Even though i was scared of them.

    In Kindergarten we each got a letter and we had to dress up in that letter. Notice I have jeans taped to the back up me.
  • Halloween

    It was halloween and I was very proud of my pumpkin.
  • dad, daughter dance

    dad, daughter dance
    We had a father daghter dance at our church it was fun.
  • 6 years old

    6 years old
    I turned 6!
  • My foot

    My foot
    I hurt my foot. I was climbing on a mantle that wasn't attached to the wall and it fell on my foot. It wasn't broken but I had to use crutches because I couldn't walk on it.
  • Ingles homestead.

    Ingles homestead.
    We went to the Ingles homestead and got to experience what it was like in their time period.
  • At the parade

    At the parade
    I was at the parade and it was very hot.
  • Baseball

    This time we're blue
  • First day of 1rst grade

    First day of 1rst grade
    It was my first day of first grade and I liked my backpack.
  • Christmas

    It was Cristmas Eve and not a creature was sturing except my mom and a camera. :)
  • Turning 7

    Turning 7
    I turned 7 years old
  • piano recital

    piano recital
    This is a picture of me at a piano recital
  • Baseball

    I was in baseball when I was younger and really enjoyed it.
  • My first fish

    My first fish
    I caught my first fish in Wisconsin. With the asistance of Mr. O.
  • Wisconsin

    We went to Wisconsin to the land owned by Mr. O.
  • First time tubing

    First time tubing
    It was my first time tubing and I was scared
  • Waldorf Cheer

    Waldorf Cheer
    I was in a waldorf cheer thing. It was a lot of fun.
  • My first girl cousin

    My first girl cousin
    Sadie was my first girl cousin she was a little older in this picture but still adorable!!!
  • Easter

    Easter so excited!
  • turning 8

    turning 8
    I turned 8
  • Mt. Rushmore

    Mt. Rushmore
    We went to Mt. Rushmore for vacation. I was lots of fun.
  • Camp Appanoose

    Camp Appanoose
    We went to horse camp for vacation and it was a ton of fun.
  • School Day

    School Day
    There was a school day at heritage park and we got to ride a big horse.
  • When I turned 9

    When I turned 9
    Almost double digits.
  • Turning 10

    Turning 10
    Finally, double digits.
  • School Day

    School Day
    I went to a school day at Heritage Park. It was super fun. We had to dress as pioneers.
  • tuning 11

    tuning 11
    I turned 11 and was starting Middle School.
  • Turnig 12

    Turnig 12
    I am the age that I am now.
  • Florida!!!

    We went to Florida on a vacation and got to see my grandparents and cousin. We had a lot of fun.