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Maria Laura´s Life

By marilau
  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born in the hospital of Valledupar. My mother and my father were very happy because I was born. My brother was happy because he was going to have a little sister. I was a cute, beautiful, fat baby. I look like my mom and a little to my father.
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    Maria Laura´s life

  • My first birtday

    My first birtday
    This party was fantastic. It was biggest party that I've done. I was happy that everybody went to my house and they had a good time. all the people said: " She is so beautifull and adorable, I was very happy. My best present was a teddy bear.
  • My baptism

    My baptism
    This day my mother was very happy because it was my baptism. My godmother was my aunt and my godfather was her husband. I was very happy. My father said "Oh my God! my little daugther, today is your baptism" he was very happy.
  • My first day in Bogota

    My first day in Bogota
    I don't remember so many things, but I remember that I went to Bogota in agoust 19 of 2002 when I was 2. I was very happy because I met my cousins and aunt Marta. My cousin when she was baby she was so simillar to a girl from China and my cousin Andres was a boy from Colombia.
  • My first Halloween

    My first Halloween
    I don't remenber some many things, but I remenber that my aunt Nelva did a monster house and all my family went to her house and sspent the the day there. In that time I was 2 years old. I was crying because I was scared.
  • My graduation of Preschool

    My graduation of Preschool
    I was very happy because it was my graduation. I danced in a song with Valentina, and in that time Valentina was my best friend. I don't forget that day. I love this day. (photo)
  • Vacation in Bogotá

    Vacation in Bogotá
    I went to Bogota to see my cousins Andres and Aleja. We had a very cool visit to Salitre Mágico and to Cici Aquapark. The ugliest part is a stove almost falls on me. The funniest part was that I danced with my cousin Alejandra on the bed and when we were on the top I made her fall.
  • Vacations at Tayrona Park

    Vacations at Tayrona Park
    I went to Santa Marta I saw the Tairona Park and I told my father: "Can we go there?" and my father said: "ok" . I was very happy because I went to Tairona Park, but I didn't spend the night there. I came to Valledupar during the nigth, but I was very happy because I was at Tayrona Park.
  • When I got in the school

    When I got in the school
    I was very happy bacause I entered to a new school and I met many people. My mother took many pictures. I started in transition I like this school so much, I jump happily because I enter in the school, my mom hold me and said "good luck".
  • When I went to La Guajira

    When I went to La Guajira
    I went to La Guajira with my cousin, Vale, my brother, my mom and my dad. I was very happy but I was a little scared that I could fall in the ocean.
  • When I got my first dog: "Pelusa"

    When I got my first dog: "Pelusa"
    That day I was with my mother, and when I passed by the "Almacen Ganadero", I said to my mother: "Can I see the dogs" and my mother said ok. When I went into the shop my dog barked me and my mother saw it, I said to my mom: please! buy the dog and my mom said "ok I buy it, but is your responsability" and I took Pelusa with me.
  • When I met Mr Rodrigo.

    When I met Mr Rodrigo.
    When Mr Rodrigo started to work in the school I said this teacher is very happy and funny but sometimes he gets angry and I don't like it because he screams at everyone... but Mr Rodrigo is a good man. I love you Mr Rodrigo.
  • Vacation

    That was a very happy day because I was with my best cousin. I wnet to the shopping center Guatapuri Plaza, and I went with my best cousin Henry, my cousin Dani, my brother Carlos, my mom, and my father. My cousin went with me to "Caramelitos" and my father gave me 10.000 to buy candies and my cousin bought and I told him: "what are you doing?, and my father told me off because I spent the money, and my cousin told my father: "no, uncle I did it, sorry".
  • Vacations with my family

    Vacations with my family
    I spent that day in the house of my aunt Yani. I spent it with all the family of my father and my mother, that day was very happy because I danced, ate, It was a fantastic day. An uncle came from Ipiales to see my gandma.(photo)
  • In the house of Miss Marielena.

    In the house of Miss Marielena.
    I went to the house of Miss marielena with my cousin Aleja, Yoli, Nuris, my uncle, my mother and also Miss Marielena, I was very happy with my friends and my cousin, I ate candies and ate cookies, but in the evening I had a flu.
  • When I had a cut in my hand

    When I had a cut in my hand
    When I had a cut in my hand I am in the parking lock because the classes finish, and one friend that are in the pool said to me do me a favor and I said ok wath is the favor is call me Valentina and I said ok. and when I jump the grill and when I jump the chair slide and I broke my hand.
  • My first communion

    My first communion
    That day I was very happy because I recieved the body and the blood of the Christ. I did my first comunion with all my friends. My mother and my father were so happy. I liked that day so much, it was fantastic.
  • In "El Mojao"

    In "El Mojao"
    That day in the morning I said to my father: Dad, I want to go the mine and he said ok and we went. My father told me: Do you want to see "El Mojao"? and I said ok. When I saw the beautiful river, I spent all the day there with my mom, my father, my brother.
  • I made new friends

    I made new friends
    I made new friends: Luisa and Cristina. They both are my bff, they are the people that I can trust on, to help me. I had two new friends that I won't forget. Luisa is a funny, beautiful, cute and crazy girl. Cristina is a good girl, she is so crazy but is a good friend and beautiful too.
  • When Miss Angelica left the school

    When Miss Angelica left the school
    This day I was very sad because Miss Angelica was going to live in Denver and all the class cried. Miss Angi said to all the class not cry because she would come to see us and in that day I saw Mr. Jorge, my new teacher and he was a good person, but a teacher like Miss Angi is unforgettable.
  • My christmas

    My christmas
    I espend this day with some one of my family my uncle Henrry came to VALLEDUPAR to pass the christmas and to see my grandma, all my cousins came to my house and all my uncles every pass good with my grandma. I am happy this day bacause my family was united.
  • Happy new year

    Happy new year
    This day was most happy the christmas because I was with my father. my father was very happy because he see my garndma and felt happy, and when my father is happy me to but this was thee last year that I spend with my grandma.
  • My grandma died

    My grandma died
    That day was so sad. In the morning, my mom told me, wake up Maria Laura: "Your grandma died" and I cried and cried, my mom wanted to calm me down. My grandma said before she died that we could not be sad if she died because she was gonna be with God.
  • Convivencia with RUAH

    Convivencia with RUAH
    That day was very happy. I was with all my friends, my teachers: Mr Rodrigo, Mr Jorge, Beto, Panda. They did fun activities. The activitiy was 3 minutes of silence. I liked that day because I had a good time with all my friends.
  • The tennis tourment.

    The tennis tourment.
    I was excited because that was my first tourment of tennis. I told my mom everyday: "Mom I have a tourment of tennis" and my mother said: "aaaaah, ok". I practiced with dedication everyday.