Code ethics 2

Attribute Development

By MsLalor
  • Period: to

    Collegiate Consultation (Evidence of Collegial Practice)

    Adam Gordon- Learning Area Leader English: July 20th, 22nd; August 5th, 14th, 23rd Barbara Ryan- Supervisor: May 25th; June 11th, 13th, 23rd; July 15th, 16th, 23rd; August 7th, 10th, 11th, 22nd, 23rd Caley O'Neill- Supervisor: May 24th, 25th; June 13th Peter Robinson- Co-Ordinator: June 13th; August 7th, 16th Cathy Shannon- Mentor: August 20th, 22nd, 26th Jan Adamson- Principal- Timbarra P-12: August 22nd Alan Marshall- Unit Chair: July 18th, 30th, 31st
  • (4) Joined The Australian Education Union

    (4) Joined The Australian Education Union
    I joined the Australian Education Union shortly before placement as I felt this was a way for me to professionally engage in the profession as a whole, and move beyond the sphere of student teacher. Evidence of this is my membership number: 9960079. This step demonstrates my preparation for developing my collegial practice.
  • (1) Meeting with Supervisors

    (1) Meeting with Supervisors
    I have always engaged in a meeting with supervisors prior to each placement round, and I felt that this was an appropriate step with which to begin this attribute development. Evidence of this step is an image of my unit plan for the round, designed to give myself more flexibility in delivery and as practice using a planning device that more closely reflected what experienced teachers use, demonstrating how I began placement with a development plan to challenge and extend my practice in mind.
  • (1) Revision Resource

    (1) Revision Resource
    I created a resource that was highly effective in practice and was asked to share it with colleagues for use in their classrooms. This demonstrates achievement of my development plan as I not only willingly shared with colleagues to benefit students, but gained confidence in the value of my contributions as a professional. Evidence of this is an image of the resource I created and shared.
  • Period: to

    Collegiate Practice 2012

    The following examples illustrate the chronology of development. While there was no detailed action plan, I sought out as many possible avenues for involvement within the school to improve my confidence in this area. The main components cover four areas; collaboration and cooperation with colleagues, refinement of knowledge through professional learning activities, presenting professional learning activities and extending professional engagement through relevant associations.
  • (3) PD with Colleague

    (3) PD with Colleague
    Having offered to share my Wiki resource with colleagues I was asked to run an informal professional learning session with another student teacher at the school. Evidence of this is an image of the email requesting my participation in this Professional Learning meeting. This experience was highly valuable for me in developing my collegial practice, demonsting how ‘a wider range of demands can be addressed by using a collegial approach than by individual, isolated efforts’ (Shah, 2011, p.3).
  • (2) Staff Development Day

    (2) Staff Development Day
    I attended the Whole Staff Development day as part of my plan to develop skills and knowledge and participate in collegial practice. Evidence of achievement is quoted from my supervisor’s placement report; ‘Erin has been an asset to this school’ (Ryan, 2012). Achievement from this step is my acceptance of my place in these activities- that I belonged as a member of staff at the Development Day.
  • (5) Theatresports competition

    (5) Theatresports competition
    As part of my development in collegial practice and refining my knowledge and practice, I organised a competition for two of my Year 7 classes. Evidence of this is an image of the competition. I communicated with the college principal and head of junior campus, drama teachers and other colleagues, to organise the event. As a developmental stage this evidences my growing confidence in engaging with the school as a whole and extending my ability in organising activities within a school.
  • (3) Hawker Brownlow Presentation

    (3) Hawker Brownlow Presentation
    As part of my university studies I presented a Professional Development session based on a session attended at the Hawker Brownlow Conference to my colleagues. Evidence of this step is an image of the PowerPoint used as a visual aide in my presentation. This step demonstrates development in my own sense of being a knowledgeable and skilled professional, and my commitment to the profession- presenting this Professional Development session less than an hour after having been in a car accident!
  • (5) English Meeting

    (5) English Meeting
    Attending this English faculty meeting (other than to present my Crucible Wiki resource) formed part of my plan to become more fully involved in the wider school life- participating in the daily activities outside the classroom that is required of teachers. Evidence of this step is an image of the email outlining the agenda for the meeting. In demonstrating achievement of this aim, attendance at this meeting afforded me an experience where I was a fully active member of the faculty.
  • (3) The Crucible Wiki Presentation

    (3) The Crucible Wiki Presentation
    Presenting my resource to the English faculty executed the step in my plan to gain confidence in my value as a teacher. It was challenging to present to a large group of experienced professionals. Evidence of this step is an image of the resource. This demonstrates my achievement of this stage of my attribute development as the Learning Area Leader stated; ‘Thank you for your inspiring presentation. You certainly have many teachers wanting to learn how to teach units like yours’ (Gordon, 2012).
  • (4) Joined Drama Victoria

    (4) Joined Drama Victoria
    I decided to join Drama Victoria in order to professionally engage in the profession as a whole, and move beyond the sphere of student teacher. Evidence of this is the image with my membership details. This step demonstrates my continued development of my collegial practice.
  • (4) Joined Victorian Association of Teachers of English

    (4) Joined Victorian Association of Teachers of English
    I decided to joinVATE in order to professionally engage in the profession as a whole, and move beyond the sphere of student teacher. Evidence of this is the image of my membership card. This step demonstrates my continued development of my collegial practice.
  • (2) PD- Romeo and Juliet

    (2) PD- Romeo and Juliet
    Having consulted with the Learning Area Leader during placement, I attended two Professional Development sessions with other members of the English faculty in order to improve and extend my professional knowledge in my teaching area. Evidence of this is an image of a resource used in the presentation. This step demonstrates my active participation in collegial activities and my ‘responsibility by maintaining and developing our professional practice ‘(VIT, 2008, p.4).
  • (5) English Meeting

    (5) English Meeting
    As evidence of attending this meeting, I quote from a discussion with the Learning Area for English; ‘Yes, that is exactly what I meant about recording progress, I agree with you that it is far easier, and unavoidable to progress with IT. I expected that reaction from the staff’ (Gordon, 2012). Raising concerns about and giving my opinion on contemporary issues affecting teachers; having been reluctant to do previously, demonstrates achievement in my growing confidence in collegial practice.
  • (2) PD Teaching Grammar

    (2) PD Teaching Grammar
    Professional development affords teachers greater depth, range and quality to their practice (Marsh, 2008) Attending this session reinforced my development in professional engagement and collegial practice, further developing skills and knowledge in teaching English and enabling me to collaborate with colleagues in activities with the intention of extending planning and delivery for the benefit of students. Evidence of this step is an image of an email from the Learning Area Leader.
  • (5) Mock Interview

    (5) Mock Interview
    As part of my university studies I was afforded the opportunity to participate in a mock interview with principals. Evidence of this step includes an image of the email sent to the principal thanking her team for their time and feedback. As Zahorik states; 'Collegiality among teachers and between teachers and administrators is recognized by many as an important source of professional growth' (1987, p.386) This step demonstrates achievement in presenting myself as a confident professional.
  • (5) Wrote Year 11 SAC

    (5) Wrote Year 11 SAC
    After my Professional Learning presentation on the Wiki resource I consulted the Learning Area Leader, seeking further avenues of involvement with the faculty. I was asked to create a Student Assessment Task for the Year 11 cohort for an Outcome Assessment. Evidence of this is a photo of students working on the assessment. This demonstrates achievement in my plan as I felt confident in creating a relevant assessment to an equal standard of my colleagues.
  • Begin Planning For 2013 School Year

    Begin Planning For 2013 School Year
    Good teaching practice includes thorough planning and knowledge of the curriculum in advance of delivery. I intend on demonstrating my professional collegial engagement by being prepared for the upcoming school year, and continuing these prearation and organisation habits through the year in order to be on top of my workload.
  • Period: to

    Collegiate Practice Plan 2013

    Development of knowledge, practice and engagement within the teaching profession do not finish upon completion of university; I intent to continue this area of development especially within my first year of teaching.
  • Attend Staff Development and P`lanning

    Attend Staff Development and P`lanning
    As a beginning teacher I recognise the importance of establishing good professional relationships with colleagues and will attend planning and development days held before student return in order to meet my colleagues, take on respnsibility within faculty teams and familiarise myself with the school environment.
  • Initiate Contact with Parents

    Initiate Contact with Parents
    I believe that it is good practice to make contact with parents within the first two weeks of the new school year in order to establish effective professional relationships with parents. This also demonstrates professional collegiate engagement, through collaborate approaches to student learning.
  • Meetings- Whole Staff, Faculty and Team

    Meetings- Whole Staff, Faculty and Team
    In order to continue to develop my collegial practice I intend on attending and participating in all meetings of teams and faculties I am involved in within the school and the whole staff meetings, as this will strengthen not only my own knowledge and skills but professional relationships with colleagues.
  • Utilising Holidays Effectively

    Utilising Holidays Effectively
    I have planned my upcoming wedding for the first Saturday of the school holidays in order to avoid disrupting the school term and place undue burden on fellow colleagues in having to replace me or take my classes on as extras. I have also planned enough time during these holidays to ensure I can prepare for the following term.
  • Mentor Consultation

    Mentor Consultation
    I intend to initiate contact with my mentor early in the year and maintain communication and an effective professional relationship with them.
  • Professional Development Sessions

    Professional Development Sessions
    I will maintain my committment to continued Professional Development and attend sessions that will improve my skills, extend my knowledge and practice and develop my engagement with the profession.
  • Volunteer For Highvale Seminars

    Volunteer For Highvale Seminars
    I intend to volunteer in 2013 for Deakin's Highvale Seminar program in order to share my experience and knowledge with 4th year colleagues. According to Zahorik, 'knowledge of their classroom behavior by others as well as by themselves is essential to improvement' (1987, p.394) and this sharing experience will benefit my own and my colleagues' practice.
  • Reports

    I will seek assistance in reports regarding formats and procedures as necessary. I will ensure that I complete my reports in good time to avoid inconveniencing colleagues and collaborate in revision and proof-reading of reports
  • Exam Supervision

    Exam Supervision
    As part of my experience on placement in 2012, I assissted colleagues in exam supervision and intend on repeating this practice where appropriate, to help share the load of extra responsibilities.
  • Extra Curricular Duties

    Extra Curricular Duties
    I have volunteered throughout my placements, in extra curricular activities such as camps, excursions, after school workshops, school productions and organised a Yr 7Theatresports competition in 2012. I intend to continue to volunteer for these activities to develop my engagement in wider school life.
  • Collaborative Teams

    Collaborative Teams
    I intend throughout the entire year to participate in collaborative teams with colleagues to devise resources, planning and assessment for improved student learning. As Harris and Anthony state, 'Good colleagues respect their students and discuss their needs, not their inability to learn' (2001, p.384) and as part of these teams, I can collaborate with colleagues to meet student needs and extend my pracice and skills in meeting diverse student needs.
  • Renew VIT Registration

    Renew VIT Registration
    Responsibility forms part of the Victorian Institute of Teaching's Code of Conduct, and by ensuring that my registration is always current, I can meet my responsibility to the school and profession.
  • Renew Drama Victoria and VATE Memberships

    Renew Drama Victoria and VATE Memberships
    I will maintain my memberships with Drama Victoria and VATE in order to improve my knowledge, skills and practice to the benefit of my students. This action also upholds the Victorian Institute of Teaching's Code of Conduct that states; 'Teachers are knowledgable in their area of expertise [and] are committed to persuing their own professional learning' (2008, p.4)
  • Curriculum Planning Teams

    Curriculum Planning Teams
    I intend on participating in curriculum planning teams to challenge myself as a professional and grow my confidence and experience in contributing my ideas.